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Dwarf Fortress - Boatmurdered

by Various

Part 30: by Astronautonomicron


Yes, I'm responible for the terribly corny channel arrangement spelling out "SA" and I apologize.

On to the update!

Dum dee dum doo, all is well in BoatmurdereOH SHI

One of my jailed Masons decides to go all on the poor fella that was bringing him water. The innocent green dwarf is in the process of being hurled into a stone wall in the shot above.

Taking a brief respite from his brutal attack on the jeweler, our escaped convict then ruthlessly slays a nearby cat and proceeds to kick the mortally wounded jeweler around the prison until he dies.

As he attempts to flee the scene of the crime, he is intercepted by a nearby swordsdwarf and a fierce battle ensues. After being beaten senseless and tossed about like a ragdoll, our brave swordsdwarf falls unconcious. That mason is wielding an artifact bracelet!

Two fortress guards rush the murderer and one gets disabled almost instantly. The other one manages to send Mr. Mason flying all the way down the hallway and into a wall.

Victory! There is our hero and saviour, Eshtan Burialgears and some random marksdwarf that took no part in the battle and just showed up for the picture.

One dwarf was dead on the spot, and two others are probably going to die from their wounds. But at least now some lucky dwarf gets to take ownership of that marvelous bracelet.

About a week after all that carnage, one of our dorfs gets inspired!


Success! Amazingly, there is no imagery of either elephants, melting, or dwarf on dwarf crime!

So that's all that really happened in Spring. I figured I'd cover the whole prison break and subsequent slaughter for those interested in the combat aspect of DF. It's fun to pause mid-battle and view all the new wounds your dwarves acquire, otherwise all you have to look at is two blinking ASCII characters.

I'll try to play through an entire season for my next update.