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Dwarf Fortress - Boatmurdered

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Part 34: by StarkRavingMad

Final Dwarven Archeology Update:

(and just in time too, since the game is continuing now).

There was no way to get deeper into the fortress on my own. And so I had a brilliant idea:

I drafted an army.

Things go a lot smoother with 6 elite dwarves helping.

With the dwarves by my side, I made it deep into the fortress. I think I found pretty much all the major engraving sites, such as the dining hall, and the tombs.

And finally to the magma.

So, here's a few more worthwhile engravings I saw.

A dwarf's love for dogs memorialized for all time :

The "dwarf is speaking to the dwarf/elf/whoever" engravings all seem to be documenting visits from trade caravans:

Someone knew their history:

The goblin siege:

And finally, LOTS of engravings documenting the great magma flood of 1057:

I now return you to your regularly scheduled succession game, already in progress.