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Dwarf Fortress - Boatmurdered

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Part 35: by Unknowing

Granite 2, 1058:
It has been two hard weeks since mother evicted me, but I still stand by my decision. It is unfortunate that she does not understand the trials and tribulations of a budding storyteller. Who does she think she is, telling me I either need to find 'real work' or leave the house. My colleagues and I were not simply playing Wizards and Warlocks, we were formulating ideas for the world's next great work of literature as a collective.

Granite 5, 1058:
My travels have brought me to the Dwarven city of Boatmurdered. My diminutive stature and full beard have lead its citizens to accept me as one of their own, how fortitious. The efficient, yet handsome architecture of the city leaves me in awe.

Granite 8, 1058:
The dwarves seem unfamiliar with Wizards and Warlocks, but tales of my exploits as a travelling warmage have been well received. In light of the recent loss of their esteemed ruler, they wish me to serve as a guiding hand in the development of the city. Naturally, I accepted. And you said I would never amount to anything, Mother!

Mid-Spring, 1058:
The construction of the Sanctus Serimon, the sacred temple of the gods, is well underway. The dwarves, unfortunately, fail to recognize the scope of my success in this project. I will soon be the first man to realize the creation of an exact replica of this most famous of locations from Wizards and Warlocks. Nonetheless, the dwarves do appreciate my skill in architecture.

Late-Spring, 1058:
The past week has been a great disappointment. The elven traders who arrived ten days past left quite livid earlier this afternoon. In travelling to our humble abode, they had become quite displeased with the voracity of our lumber industry.

Attempts to console them went awry, when they took great offense to my offering of fine fishbone earrings. Alas, I had wished to hear the melodious elf songs of W&W fame.

Early-Summer, 1058:
This place is truly becoming a bore. Not a single dwarf among the entire population knows of the wonders of Wizards and Warlocks. All attempts to teach them have been rebuffed with laughter. No one else seems to understand the importance of W&W. I have ordered the construction of a bridge across the magma chasm. The area beyond has the perfect ambience to be the site of my further endeavors to bring the W&W universe to life.

Mid-Summer, 1058:
The dwarves are becoming nervous as construction progresses further into the mountain. I reassure them that my magic is mighty enough to conquer any creatures that may lurk in the depths.