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Part 36: by Unknowing

Late-Summer, 1058:
Disaster has struck. Progress on the Antechamber of Darkness came to a standstill when the inhabitants of the abyss, drawn by the dismal atmosphere of the structure came to roost. Before I could reach the site to provide aid, it was already too late for the our poor advance miners. The halls echoed with a cacophony of screams from the unspeakable atrocities the dwarves endured before succumbing to the sweet embrace of death. On the positive side, progress on my novel has increased exponentially.

Late-Summer, 1058:
The situation has taken a turn for the worse. The demons have begun encroaching upon the central fortress. All attempts to repel the monsters with magic has failed. Never before have I suffered such an unfortunate string of failed attack rolls. The fortress guard has been deployed to fight in my stead while I rest to renew my supply of Magic Missiles.

Early-Fall, 1058:
It seems the entire fortress has lost confidence in my abilities as a leader. I admit, the untimely failure of my magiks was unfortunate, but I was able to guide (from a safe distance) the fortress guard into victory over the demons. All things considered, the battle went quite smoothly. I hardly see why the dwarves live in such great fear of the creatures of the depths.