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Part 37: by Unknowing

Mid-Fall, 1058:
I thought that after the defeat of the tentacle monsters, I would be able to relax and recover from the horrible damage my reputation has incurred. Alas, it was not to be. A mere five days later, a forager returned to the city with alarming news. Goblins, envious of the fame and fortune I had brought to Boatmurdered, were en route with the intention to lay siege to my city.

Late-Fall, 1058:
The dwarves continue to go about business as usual, despite the presence of goblins just outside the fortress. They are confident that goblin intelligence cannot outmatch the defensive power of dwarven door technology. I, however, am not so sure. Tonight, I will use to predictive power of dice to determine whether or not the goblins can divine a method with which to breach the doors.

Late-Fall, 1058:
As expected, I was quite correct in my assumptions. I rolled a natural twenty in the goblin leader's stead, and thus, the doors will be breached tonight. There is a twenty minute break between guard shifts shortly before midnight. Preparations are almost complete.

Early-Winter, 1058:
After several days of fighting, the entirety of the goblin forces have been driven from the city or slain. Although no one knows how the goblins were able to enter the fortress, my leadership abilities have once again been called into question. Once their investigation of the past year's events is completed, I will be called before the tribunal for questioning.

Mid-Winter, 1058:
A decision has been reached. The tribunal has somehow come to the conclusion that all blame for the year's tragedies lies with me. However, thanks to the bonds of kinship all dwarves share, I will not be executed or exiled. Instead, I have to told that I must earn my meals as a worker or artisan... or starve. This situation feels oddly familiar, but this time I will endure the indignity of such unfair treatment. My novel is completed, and my rise to literary greatness is at hand. Now, if only I could find a publisher.

Sankis posted:

Tell me Sankis is still living. TELL ME HE'S STILL LIVING!

Unknowing posted:

Sankis is still alive and being a big, show-offy jerk. As if I'm going to study Engraving under him.