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Part 39: by Cross Quantum

9th Granite
A lone elf noble has arrived!

I'm so excited! My first time meeting a real elf, and it's a noble to boot! I sometimes feel out of place as a dwarf, with my barely-there facial hair and high pitched voice. I should have been born an elf, their culture is so superior to ours. That reminds me, I should see if I can order an elven lunch box from the next caravan (as long as it's not pink).

Shortly after him, a group of monkeys showed up:

The leader of the local militia (the only able-bodied survivor of some kind of fight with some demons or something) explained to me how mandrills are deceptively fierce for their size, and asked for permission to raise a militia. Gosh, those military guys seem like they're always looking for approval from an authority figure. Anyway, I told him to do whatever, so he picked 4 peasants to help him out.

23 Granite
Goblin pedophiles infiltrated our fortress!

Fortunately the captain of the guard was able to stop the kidnapper's partner.

I sent the parents of the kidnapped, presumed raped and probably deceased child a sympathy card and a hand assembled bouquet of flowers.

Also, the bookkeeper went mad. Now he sits on the by the side of the main entrance hallway, panhandling, screaming demands at passersby for exactly 5 platinum and 5 gold coins.

24 Granite
The bookkeeper's body was found on the shores of the cave river today, apparently a suicide, although the captain of the guard suspects foul play. It seems the bookkeeper had made a lot of enemies when he arrived and did away with subsidized housing. Diary, I'm starting to get a little worried for my safety. I shall confer with the Elven noble as to what colors are most calming.

UPDATE: When I went to the Elven noble's quarters, all I found was a note that he was unhappy with his stay here and left early. I think I'll go to my quarters where I'm going to burn a sage and citrus scented candle, eat some cookie dough, and weep myself to sleep.

End of Spring