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Part 40: by Cross Quantum

11 Hematite
The rest of spring ended uneventfully. In fact, I'm starting to get downright bor

OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD! What do I do! I've never even seen a goblin, much less get sieged by them! The job description didn't say anything about sieges, this is totally un-

The leader of the militia just called me a 'goddamn sissy' and said he'd be right back. He's probably going to give a rousing speech to his men, sweaty, armored, and tense, before making a valiant last stand. Oh, it's so dramatic! If I must die at least it's in a way that's so

24 Hematite
Diary, it was terrible! That militia leader just killed them, burned them all to a crisp, without even trying to make peace! Not only that, but he burned up all the grass and woodland creatures outside too! No wonder the elves hate us so much, we're so violent and destructive to our enviroment. I painted a mural on the wall by the barracks saying 'No Blood for Lava' in protest.

8 Galena
After the goblin siege, life returned to the same old same old. Some of the soldiers gave me dirty looks and maybe spit on me once or twice. That's okay though, because my first project came to completion:

It is my hope that it will inspire contemplation and raise the collective consciousness of the community to a higher level.

17 Galena
It seems that the rest of the townsfolk are using the new statuary mainly to throw parties involving monkeys and horses. Cretins.

End of Summer