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Part 5: by mariguana

1st Granite 1052

I came to this dump looking for a royal fortress. Instead, I found this hole in the dirt, complete with useless hillbillies. There's not one good crafter among this lot, and I hear there'll be a whole troop of unskilled immigrants coming in from the homelands any time now. Better stick to the basics and gather some food so we won't all die. PULL THE DAMN LEVER!

OH NO! I didn't think they'd be coming this early!

3rd Felsite 1052: Some blockhead is holding my carpenter's shop hostage and demanding shells and wood. I've ordered the worthless immigrants to go fishing; who knows, maybe one of them will find a dead turtle on the riverbank.

7th Felsite 1052: Ahh, nothing gets you going in the morning quite like a delicious syrup roast. It sticks right to the bones!

6th Hematite, 1052: Remember that nutty dwarf who took over my shop? Well, he finally found what he was looking for and now he's made a legendary table that he calls "Soundsyrup!" He drew some scary werewolves on the thing, but it's still pretty nice. Assuming we can ever get him to drop it, this will be great for our dining room!

12th Hematite, 1052: Today one of our apprentice carpenters fell asleep on the bridge and was swept away by a flood, never to be seen again. On the same day, the metalsmith gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Doren Clearingsilvers. Also, mandrills stole several objects we had lying around outside, but nothing important. Just a few bits of clothing and an iron helmet.

1st Malachite, 1052: We have so much food that it's becoming a bother to store it all. I have reassigned most of my dwarves to work on the secret project.

17th Malachite, 1052: A farmer tried to organize a party in the statue garden when everyone needed to be working, so I locked the bastard in there. I hope he enjoys partying alone.

Damn snakemen. They came out of nowhere and mauled one of my masons. Why did it have to be one of the useful dwarves? Now he'll never work again.

24th Galena, 1052: We finally have enough housing for all those freeloader immigrants. It's a good thing, too. They were getting restless, and restless dwarves soon become angry dwarves.

12th Limestone, 1052: One of my jewelers was possessed during early summer. It is now Autumn, and only now did I figure out what he was asking for: raw crystal glass. I got it made for him with a bit of effort, and he took that and several rough gems and made an amulet called "Necroclearings." It sure has a lot of spikes.

24th Limestone, 1052: SECRET PROJECT COMPLETED! When enemies try to siege our beloved Boatmurdered, we can retract the main bridge by pulling the lever in the southwest corner of our statue garden. This will force them to walk through the southern gallery, where we will fire upon them mercilessly with the two ballistae in the east. If, for some reason, we need to drain the water, pulling the northwest lever in the statue garden will accomplish this.

26th Limestone, 1052: The dwarven traders are back. I gave them some of the junk that the previous overseer left here in exchange for quite a bit of meat.

4th Timber, 1052: It's late in Autumn now and ANOTHER DAMN IMMIGRATION has arrived. Why didn't anyone tell me about this? I had everything nice and neat and... oh, forget it. I always knew I was destined for misery.

7th Timber, 1052: The lengths my brewers and threshers were travelling to get barrels was really starting to annoy me, and so I've made the immigrants move all furniture indoors.

27th Timber, 1052: We have tunneled new rooms for the fall immigrants. It's taking quite a long time to get the place furnished, though.

Winter has come. Thankfully, we more more than enough beer and food to last. Here is a map of the fortress as it is now:

4th Moonstone, 1052: We are getting overrun with animals! I think I need a butcher or two to sort this problem out.

12th Moonstone, 1052: By the gods, another jeweller is possessed. I hope this asshole doesn't want crystal glass, too.

26th Moonstone, 1052: The jeweler has finished his artifact! Behold "The Bronze Mist", a green glass portal!

16th Opal, 1052: It is mid-winter. I am pleased to note that the immigrant housing is completed. I have also constructed an armory for our future defense force here, near the barracks, with a stockpile in the south for weapons and a stockpile in the north for armor.

8th Obsidian, 1052: The poor mason who was ambushed by snakemen died of thirst today. He had been refusing to eat or drink because he was so depressed.

19th Obsidian, 1052: The mandrills came back, but this time we got em. Sure, they ripped a craftsman to pieces, but we got every last one of them. Mandrill hats, anyone?

Spring has arrived! It is Granite 1, 1053. With that, and this final map of the fortress, I bid fairwell to the outpost of Boatmurdered and wish the best of luck to my successor.