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Part 6: by Keyboard Fox

I'm gonna go do my turn right now. Is it okay if I don't try and mess with screenshots very much, and instead write a lot?

poemdexter posted:

I was kinda hoping for screenshots of you setting everything up. In the main thread, you tend to have a good feel for what's going on in the game and being a newbie isn't always the easiest thing in this game requiring multiple restarts because of the "Oh! I should have done that from the beginning!" Keep up the good work!

Keyboard Fox posted:

I'll try putting in some screenshots at the end of my last post, showing what I've done. Nothing very big has happened so far this year, so there wouldn't really be any need for 'action shots' anyway.

Right now, there's something like 1000 edible food (exaggerating a bit), so whoever's up next shouldn't have that hard a time of it. Alchohol levels are fluctuating around the 150-200 mark... the dwarves keep drinking it really fast. Whoever's up next should think about making a second still once the immigration wave comes in.

Another thing to do is to get the magma smelters and forge up and running, if I don't manage it by the end of winter, anyway.


Edit: This is in-character. I just tend to-er, I mean, my character tends to feel stuck-up and superior about how his designs are so much better than other's.



I have arrived. It is an interesting fortress set-up, quite unlike the ones I'm used to designing.

My first reaction is to set up and produce as much food as I can, until I realize that there's plenty of prepared food, and the fortress should hold out there. Still, I shall be setting up the farms, and growing plenty of plump helmets. I know from experience that overconfidence equals starvation, as far as food is concerned.

After a few minutes of studying the layout, I decide that my talents would be best used in first making things more secure. The system my predecessor set up looks workable, but in my experience, everything can be improved via liberal application of traps.

First, I cancel the craftsdwarves repetitive making of bone crafts, and set them to making dark stone short swords. These work just as well as steel swords, and will be perfect for military or trap usage. I also designate an obsidian stockpile nearby, so they have plenty of material to work with.

At this point, I notice the complete mishmash my predecessor made of job settings. Obviously the buffoon has never heard of specialization! I take some time to turn off fishing in every dwarf I can find. We have enough food through farming and cooking, we do not need to waste time in inefficiently wading through the river.

I decide to start by digging a tunnel deeper into the mountain, testing to see what is there to be found.

The idea of my... er, our dwarves carrying stones endlessly offends me. I remove the big stone stockpile. The masons can carry their own damn stones.

Speaking of stockpiles, the furniture stockpile didn't seem to have anything allowed in it! What sort of imbecille was my predecessor, anyway?

Our miner has found a large chasm.

Our metalsmith has been posessed. He immediately runs off to sulk in his bedroom, which leads me to notice that we do not have a forge set up yet.

We have struck iron ore.


Finally, our non-posessed metalsmith has gotten around to starting work on the forge. Why we have so many dwarves on stone detailing duty, I shall never know.

Another thing that seems odd to me is that our loom is a distance away from the river -and- the farmers workshops, both of which would be logical places to put it. Again, I have to wonder just what was my predecessor thinking.

The possessed metalsmith has claimed the newly-built forge, and started demanding an ore we do not have available. I set our miners to work immediately, in hopes of finding it.

I also am designing an elephant trap, which might also work against sieges.

Just as I was typing that last entry, immigrants arrived, among them three nobles: The manager, the sheriff, and a House Berite representative.

Damn, that's a lot of migrants. Our fortress is now 58 strong.

The posessed metalsmith has begun his construction, using two iron ore.

I begin designing the nobles' quarters, planning on using the same space for their dining and sleeping needs.

The possessed metalsmith has created Ducimudos Kal Fikod, and iron toy hammer. I wonder if it works as well as a real one.


Our cage traps have already proven their worth, as they have captured an entire raid of mandrills. It is not proper for me to do so, but I feel the need to taunt my predecessors.

I have begun building a second farm.

The congestion of horses annoys me. I have designated a number of them for slaughter.

A miner has found a river of lava/magma/whatever. Fortunately, it did not flood.

And thus ends spring. More to follow soon.