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Part 43: by Mystic Mongol

The original Boatmurdered thread!

"Lava Deployment", by Zakuu:

Sadly, the first thread petered out and died, because the waiting line got too long, and by the time the people in the middle of the line got to play, their situation had changed and they suddenly didn't have quite as much free time as they thought they did.

So I've stolen the original Boatmurdered, and completely discarded the original lineup. If you played a turn in the original thread, feel free to sign up for another! If nothing else, you've shown that you'll help guide our tender little hole in the cliff into a shining new future. If you were waiting for your turn--tough. Sign up again. Who knows, you might get to play sooner than otherwise. In any case, I will be taking the first turn (The year 1060) myself.

Each turn is one game year, from Granite 1 (the new year, as spring starts) to Granite 1 one year later. Post your exploits as they happen, but put a priority on finishing quickly instead of chronicling every little thing. Once you've completed your turn, save your progress, zip up the save file and directory, and post it on rapidshare or something. The next player will take over management of Boatmurdered.

Please, don't intentionally destroy Boatmurdered. It may be a fetid hole in the ground full of furious dwarves who kill each other more often than they accomplish anything, but a lot of people poured their hearts and dreams into that hole in the ground. Instead, simply do the best you can, completely ignoring everyone else's plans while you retinker the cave into the ultimate souffle making empire. Then pass it on to the next player with half as many dwarves, because you forgot to arm your soldiers and they tried to wrestle fire elementals to death.

You don't have to be any good at Dwarf Fortress to run Boatmurdered. After ten years, it had a mere 63 dwarves, one of whom was apparently dying of heroin addiction and several of whom are crippled or bedridden. You could hardly do worse.

If you want to be added to the list of eligible players, just say so and I'll add you on. When your turn comes up, you'll have 24 hours to respond (you will be notified in thread and any other way possible) before you get kicked to the back of the list and the next player gets a shot. If you can't do it now, but can in a few days, say so and you'll be bumped back a slot or two instead of all the way to the end.

Strike the earth!

Turn list

1060) Mystic Mongol -- Damage control. Justice, mining, hard-core decorating.
1061) Sankis -- Goblin seige repulsed by fire. Moats reestablished. Fortress much smoother. Many of the animals slaughtered to combat starvation.
1062) Doctor Zero -- Peace and Prosperity come to Boatmurdered! Health, wealth, strip mining.
1063) Mariguana -- Lava used to kill elves, elephants, goblins, humans. Huge, pointless statue to hubris placed outside in attempt to enlarge ruler's penis. When lava melted parts of it, resulting riots in the dwarves who built it kill 2/3rd of the population.

1064) Guerilla Medic -- All burn.