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Part 52: by Doctor Zero

Spring - 19 Granite - 1062

After a nice meal, the Elf noble was a little more understanding, if still rude.

Finally we came to an agreement, 146 trees, which should be plenty as I only planned on using them for beds anyway. We finally bid each other farewell (and good riddance).

HEY! Was that a short joke?

Still grumbling after the Elves, I decided to channel my frustration to good use. I finally sat down with the nobles who had been (not so patiently) trying to talk to me. I assigned some tables and beds in the nobles barracks and made some of the happy. I also ordered the excavation of some new tombs, which should shut them up... er ... satisfy them, finally. Then, after that, I'll have the miners start excavating out more ore. We seem to be running a little low on certain things - tin, bronze, and brass, specifically. I've also told the metalsmiths to forget my little joke and start smelting ore. I don't think they bought it, but they are smelting, so whatever.

Spring - 27 Granit 1062

Things are humming along. I noticed that Rimtar Urimid wasn't doing the Siege Operating I had ordered her to do. After tracking her down, I found her in jail. Apparently it's not good to be the only jewler with 19 nobles yelling for goods made out of Blue Diamonds and stuff we don't even have in stock.

Spring - 4th Slate 1062

I am told a fired pimp has sprung from a bush! I ... don't know what that means.

It attacked a cow! But then was caught in a cage trap while going after the elephants. Oh, and I've looked it up in Preter's Field Guide to Underworld Denizens. It's a FIRE IMP. Man, the country accents are hard to understand. I wonder if I can tame this?

Also today, some immigrants arrived! Excellent! We need more strong backs.

Great... a Captain of the guard, a Count, a Countess Consort, a Recruit, two peasants, a farmer, a mechanic, and a fisherdwarf. That's all we needed - more snooty nobles around. Oh, listen to me! I'm beginning to sound like a longtimer. It just gets so tiresome catering to their every whim.

Spring - 26th Slate - 1062

Id, the Baroness Consort has given birth to a baby girl! Just what we need! More Noble larva!

End of Spring notes

Well, my first spring in Boatmurdered has come to a (quiet) close. I must say it turned out to be quite pleasant. I've been working on getting some more tombs set-up for the new Nobles, and if someone would ever haul the coffins, they'd be all set. I've also been concentrating on getting food production stable, getting some of this fat rendered and cooked up, and getting some more metal bars stockpiled.

I must say I don't know why everyone tells tales of Boatmurdered being so brutal. I think it's been fun so far. I'm sure the tales are just fables made up to scare us in the capital.

On to Summer!