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Part 53: by Doctor Zero

Summer - 1 Hematite - 1062

I got notice that we lost a wardog in a macaque raid. Apparently he managed to tear two apart, but was struck down in turn. The Macaques took off with some of the goblin garbage outside. What a waste. The dog that is. Heck, they can come back and take it all for all I care.

Also, I've finally seen little Ilral, the Baroness Consort's little girl. Good to see she's drinking lots of beer like any other healthy dwarven baby. I wonder if she'll grow up to be a noble, or if she'll be useful. oh... there I go again.

Hematite 10th

The human caravan and trade noble arrived today. Here's to hoping they'll be more helpful than the Elves.

Yay! The humans have brought wagons literally stuffed with meat! yay for humans!

Summer - 12 Malachite - 1062

I finalized a deal with the humans asking for more meat in exchange for these items. Note to former rulers - trade this stuff.

Ok, these dwarfs have some kind of serious learning deficiency . I traded for 600 units of meat. I told 4 different dwarves to ONLY HAUL FOOD. And it STILL all rotted in the trade depot . Good gods these people have some kind on inborn desire to starve to death.

4th Galena - 1061

Well, Former Rule Sankis has suddenly decided try and drink out of the lava river. I've tried to talk him out of it by changing his jobs, and telling him to join the military and them relieving him, but nothing seems to work. I don't think this will end well.

Well, summer was uneventful. I've tried to get Sankis in a Mood Improvement program I like to call "Up With Yourself!" But he keep moping by the lava. How sad. Autumn's goals will be to continue getting a decent food stock built up.