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Part 54: by Doctor Zero

Winter - 1062

Well, I would surely lose a grade point or two for not keeping a journal this whole time, were I back in school, but to tell the truth, I really didn't need to! Winter is now over, and I'm about to welcome my replacement. I have to say aside from the dwarves who live here being a little "special" this experience has been quite enjoyable. I'd like to recap my current projects, but first let's catch up.

This is what our stocks looked like in the beginning of winter:

We had some kobolds try and sneak in and pilfer items, but the dogs quickly sniffed them out and ripped them apart.

I ordered the east side of the river dug out as far north as the mountain range went. This should make foraging for berries and plants much easier in the spring.

Although the citizens insisted on replacing that dried vomit that welcomes every visitor.

and rather than clean up the kobold mess, everyone would rather squish their toes in the gore and spread it all over. Also, you'll notice that Id, the Baroness Consort has had ANOTHER girl. Well, at least she's good for something after all.

And this is the stocks at the end of the year.

All in all I had a splendid time. I am quite sure that all the horrible stories are nothing more than stories made up to scare off or impress those of us in the capital. I've decided to take it easy now that I've earned a break, and I'm taking up fishing. I think it will be a relaxing way to pass the time. Well, as long as someone decides to finally clear up the mess in the halls.

Oh, yes, some notes and unfinished business:

Sankis finally listened to reason and stopped trying to drink out of the lava river. He's given up the disturbing engraving for the time being and is busying himself making some fine furniture. I must say he's quite good, although the detail in some of the tables he's made are ... well... let's just not mention them.

There is a mechanic named Ast that is married to the Guildmaster (I believe) who is wounded... I'm not sure from what, but he (Ast) won't leave her side, no matter what you tell him to do. it's touching, if not a little frustrating.

I've ordered all the elephants tamed, but for some reason the Trappers refuse to train anymore Wardogs, and I can't fathom why. They keep saying there are no dogs to train, but I'm practically tripping over dogs right now.

I think that does it. Oh, I've also set up a modest private quarters for myself, but the bedroom furniture hasn't arrived yet. If someone could mark my assignment when the hauling is done, I'd appreciate it - it's just north of the latest lo-rent Bedroom complex completed, just west of the river, and south of the main drag. I'd do it myself, but... well, I'm gone fishing.

-journal ends here-

Main fortress detail:

Note: What can I say, I lucked out. Nothing bad happened the whole time. I've managed to stabilize food production. Keep making that fat and cooking it! That's good eatin'! I've also mined a huge section out so gems and ore should be easy to locate. I guess it was my destiny to give it a brief respite before it slides off into chaos again.