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Dwarf Fortress - Boatmurdered

by Various

Part 57: by mariguana

12th Hematite, 1063, Early Summer

Today, the bridge to the elephants was completed. Oh, how they will rue the day that they opposed Boatmurdered!

Ahhhh, sweet magma.

13th Hematite, 1063, Early Summer

OH GOD. OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD. What have I done? It is too late to stop the magma now. Ancestors help me!

So many, diary, so many... their blood is on my hands. And I can do naught to save them.

Ahahahahahahahaha! Yes, fool, yes... you have no idea how right you are.

The voice of death calls to you, humans!

Goblins? Here? Now? Hahahahahaha!

Damnation! The flow cannot pass over the bridge. I need to consult with my engineers.

Mystic Mongol posted:

You need an aqueduct.

The aqueduct needs to be made of stone.

You just murdered dozens of our BEST TRADING PARTNERS, YOU BASTARD.

You could also dig a new channel down south, so we could flood whichever hemisphere angered us.

mariguana posted:

24th Hematite, 1063, Early Summer

I can touch you nowwwww

4th Malachite, 1063, Mid-Summer

Our revenge is fulfilled. Now let the elves come and know our steel.

Doctor Zero posted:


"Well Samuel, we're finally at Boatmurdered"
"Why do they call it that?"
"It has some Dwarven meaning. Don't fret. they're really only hostile to goblins. They've always treated us fairly and with respect.
"Look out! Elephants! um... why are the elephants running away?"
"Hmm, that is strange..."
"Oh, and there's some Dwarves! They're waving"
"Hmmm. They look kind of agitated. they're shouting and pointing, but I can't make out what they are...."
"Why, they've just ducked in the doors and slammed them shut! What's going on?"
"Hmmm. What's that smell? It's like... sulfur..."