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Part 58: by mariguana

9th Sandstone, 1063, Mid-Autumn

Oh god, not again! The magma is already flowing... my kinsmen are going to die!

Haha, just kidding. That was a good joke, wasn't it, diary?

The dwarves from Kinmelbil brought us a lot of meat today, and were glad to take some old goblin equipment as payment.

Uh oh, the human diplomat just arrived. I wonder what he'll want to talk about?

Why, thank you. Just don't look at the walls.

Oh? He's already leaving? Phew. Whatever problems we have with the humans are for the next leader of Boatmurdered to deal with.

15th Sandstone, 1063, Mid-Autumn

Although nothing major has happened since the coming of the human diplomat, there were some minor events that I felt would be worthy to record, diary.

An injured peasant is moping around the fortress and refusing to eat. I think we can all agree that this is for the best.

Some fool of a trapper tried to club a leopard with his crossbow, with obvious results.

The dead trapper's war dog charged after the leopard, seeking revenge for the loss of its master. Its body was almost instanteously broken by the large cat.

Although I had written the dog off as dead, it was making quite the comeback!

The war dog bit down on the leopard's stomach and shook violently, ripping the
beast in twain!

The dwarves of the fortress were inspired by the dog's heroic victory, and they have nicknamed it 'Lizardcudgel'! While I don't know what lizards or cudgels have to do with anything, I am nonetheless swelling with pride to have such a courageous animal counted among the denizens of my fortress.

16th Sandstone, 1063, Mid-Autumn

Sankis!!!!! Oh god, did you have to name it 'The Green Grave of Biles' too!?