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Part 59: by mariguana

20th Sandstone, 1063, Mid-Autumn

I have begun the construction of a monument, so that my people will have something to remember me by.

7th Moonstone, 1063, Early Winter

Work on the monument is progressing too slowly; although I have assigned nearly every dwarf in the fortress to this task, I fear the monument may not be completed in time.

19th Moonstone, 1063, Early Winter

DAMNNATION. Had to pull the dwarves inside and scorch the world. Work on the monument is enormously set back.

20th Moonstone, 1063, Early Winter

Uh oh.

Sankis, buddy? I'm sorry about the beard comment. Think you could calm down a little?


Kire posted:

I bet if Sankis ever dies, he explodes in an enormous detonation that will take out a large part of the mountain with it. Water will pool in the crater in the years afterward, and it will be remembered as "The Watery Crater Tomb of Sankis."

Guerilla Medic posted:

At that state and armed with an axe he could possibly kill the whole fortress.
I want to see elephants VS sankis. Draft him
Oh, and will i have your support if i start killing off the more useless nobles? I mean do the "House whatever" nobles do anything else than demand silly things?

Sankis posted:


What better way to end the fortress then the god emperor going on a rampage?!

Then the next player, if they so desired, could reclaim it.