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Part 60: by mariguana

24th Moonstone, 1063, Early Winter

The flood of magma last winter set alight a catapult in the ramparts of our fortress; it has created a smoke cloud that has lasted for weeks, causing dwarves to choke on it and driving them utterly mad.

25th Moonstone, 1063, Early Winter

OH MY GOD. Sankis is on a bloody rampage! He mauled a baby and a cow, and now, at this very instant, he's beating the Elite Marksdwarf Kadol Lokumad into paste!


Oh dear god, Sankis, just let him die! You don't need to break every part of his body!

Oh my god, Sankis beat the Elite Marksdwarf, until he finally died from BEING ON FIRE. In fact, he beat him so long that the Elite Marksdwarf ALSO caught on fire and died shortly after.


Zoe posted:

HE'S ON FIRE?! No wonder he's pissed!

The only question is, who will take over the task of carving a record of these wonderful events into the walls and floors for posterity?

EDIT: Awww, he's dead now. Fare thee well Sankis, the fortress will never be the same without you.

Ladderface posted:

This is one of those moments that makes Boatmurdered what it is. Extermination of armies, gruesome engravings, and insane superpowered dwarf-wizards gone on a mad rampage while ON FIRE.