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Part 61: by mariguana

1st Opal, 1063, Mid-Winter

The carnage did not stop with the death of Sankis; more and more dwarves are tantruming, and fighting is near-constant in the streets. There are only five nobles left alive now. Why? Because nobles are goddamn weak. If you've got to bet on ten tantruming nobles or a goddamn swordmaster, the choice is clear.

Oh god, I've never seen a child so miserable.

4th Opal, 1063, Mid-Winter

MANDRILLS! They are attacking! They snuck in through the smoke!

14th Opal, 1063, Mid-Winter

No matter what I do, they just won't stop DYING. There are now 39 living dwarves in Boatmurdered, of whom 10 are injured, two are jailed, and several are insane.

At least the smoke and miasma make it difficult to see the burning bodies and pools of blood mixed into vomit.


Sankis posted:

So what exactly started the whole unrest? Was it Sankis or was he simply another byproduct of a larger cause? The last lava flow?

Mariguana posted:

It's the smoke. There is a permanent cloud of it, driving everybody mad. It makes everybody just an inch from snapping, so if the tiniest little thing goes wrong, someone is going to go berserk.

And when that berserk dwarf kills another dwarf's baby, the father goes berserk, and kills a cow. And that causes the cow lady to go mad and break the well. And so on and so on until everybody is mad!

Even now, dwarves on the sick beds of the barracks are beginning to rip each other apart!