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Part 62: by mariguana

21st Opal, 1063, Mid-Winter

I tried to order the dwarves to close the gates, to keep more smoke and fire from getting in, but there is a BURNING CORPSE in the way, keeping the northern gate wide open. None of the dwarves seem like they want to move it, either.

28th Opal, 1063, Mid-Winter

Only 29 dwarves live, now. But I will not let my reign be known as a total failure. Every dwarf who can stand is working single-mindedly on my monument. I WILL FINISH IT.

23rd Obsidian, 1063, Late Winter

At last, the smoke is rising, and the cycle of death in Boatmurdered is coming to an end. The population of the fortress seems to have stabilized at 27 dwarves, with the last death occurring a little over two weeks ago.

Happy Fucking New Year's, you poor bastards!

Almost everyone in Boatmurdered is dead. Those who aren't are either insane or hopelessly overworked. My condolences to whoever governs Boatmurdered next, because you have your work cut out for you.

Just how bad is fucking Boatmurdered doing? Take a look.

And my monument? Yeah, I finished it. I meant to make half a goddamn lizard and nobody will say otherwise, if they know what's good for them.

xarph posted:

At this point, we have somehow managed to create *THE* root of evil in the dwarven universe. Here is what it must look like from the mountainhomes:

1) Dwarves go to Boatmurdered and disappear.
2) Lava comes out of Boatmurdered and destroys the surrounding environment no less than three times a year.
3) A maniacal dwarven supervillian comes out of Boatmurdered and goes on a killing spree.

Shit, there are probably entire fucking sagas that are being sung about the evil fortress of damnation known as Boatmurdered.

Amused Frog posted:

The immigrants coming now are actually adventuring parties. They just get drafted as soon as they appear on the horizon.

"Wow, you people actually live here? We were expecting demons."
"What are you talking about, new Metalsmith? Go to the Forge."
"I'm an adventurer."
"We've got another crazy. Shove him outside and seal the doors."
"Hey, get off me! Jerks... well anyway OH GAAAWD I'M MEEEEELTING!"