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Dwarf Fortress - Boatmurdered

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Part 63: by Sankis


Young Sankis Izegnomal, lost son of Emperor Sankis Gatinbomrek, searches for his father. After a long journey he is reunited with him, now dead, in the abandoned fortress he once ruled.

In an adjacent room, Izegnomal's mercenaries are fighting for their lives to defend the tomb's entrance.

The battle is lost, but Sankis emerges from his father's grave to fight on.

Sankis The Bearded is overcome by his foes.

Content that he finally met his father after so many years, he gives into the pain and prepares to meet his father once more in the afterlife.

Hey Mariguana. Could you, possibly tell me where "The Green Graves of Biles" engraving was at? I want to see the full engraving in adventurerer mode.

mariguana posted:

Sure thing.

edit: if anyone wants to see what my monument was going to be, here it is as well

Sankis posted:

Holy crap. Forget Green Biles.

How did not you not see The Magical Bloody Mess?

(biles is the same, just another name)

Edit: Theres a suprising lack of corpses in the fort. I've seen one dwarf one so far. A noble named Datan Morulrakust.