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Part 48: by Sankis

Summer, 1061

Summer in Boatmurdered starts out fairly slow. There is no real action until midsummer or so when the Human caravan arrives. I, tired of the Human's slow pace, decide to sieze a good portion of their supplies.

Another dwarf goes fey and begins working on some stupid creation.

Meanwhile, I have assigned some woodcutters and begun wood production once again

The Fey dwarf manages to get all his supplies and makes his masterpiece item

To further strength the Fortress from invasion, notably from the Trolls who seek to break down doors, I have refilled the interior moat. This moat may now serve as a defense if the doors break. All one must do is pull the lever in a nearby room.

Summer ends as quickly as it came.

Autumn, 1061

I feel a tinge of guilt for harming my fellow dwarf, Mystic Mongol, and crippling him so I create him a semi-fancy tomb, too.

Out of nowhere a dwarf drowns.

There is also a mysterious vomitting dwarf outside.

Meanwhile these fucking kobolds don't quit.

The dwarven caravan and trade minister arrives. I speak to them and nothing is really gained.

The goblins also do not quit.

Damnation! A portion of the cave falls. The lava release is now blocked. I send a miner to go clear it out.

Unfortunately he burns his feet almost off and falls to the floor nearby. He continues to burn until he dies of blood loss. Then he continues to smoke until he rots away.

Fucking mandrills attack and are easly dispatched.

Autumn ends.

Winter, 1061

Low on food, I set many of our animals to the slaughter.

I found the mysterious Autumn vomiter. I do not know what I should do with him.

Miasma is all over. Good thing that my servan---citizens are all happy enough that it doesn't bother them much.

Out of seemingly nowhere Mystic Mongol, Judicator of Boatmurdered, throws himself into the water and drowns.

His remains are placed in his tomb where they are defended by some traps.

I begin to rebuild the military, slowly but surely.

I also begin construction of cheap, affordable housing for the poor dwarves. I do not agree with this, as I feel those too weak to earn money should not be living, but my advisors assure me it is a good thing.

There is a slight panic as the fortress runs out of food! It is later rectified by slaughtering many elephants.

Winter is pretty much over. Here are the thoughts of the current, surviving leaders.

State of the Fortress, 1062

In my year rule, I have accomplished many things. Much of the fortress is now carved out and smoothed.

I have begun the foundation for a newer, stronger military. No longer will the Goblin menace threaten us.

I have ramped up food production and, because of it, have begun cutting down on the huge animal population.

Restarted Wood Production

Among other things.


Sankis posted:

Out of seemingly nowhere Mystic Mongol, Judicator of Boatmurdered, throws himself into the water and drowns.

Mystic Mongol posted

Right. Just like the Bookkeeper, after making someone's leather supplies super valuble, mysteriously died in an attack. Just like the unpopular Baron stepped on a rusty nail. Just like how the tax collector was found in his bed, mysteriously crushed to death by elephants.

Never mind that several other dwarves were seen at the scene, next to the Judicator on a rickety bridge, yet all claimed "No one was within thirty feet of him at the time of the incident." Never mind that this happened days after his brand new tomb was completed. I'm sure Boatmurdered authorities will declare this case closed in less than a day and bung off to drink liquor and eat the fortresses's dwindling elephant supplies.

To whoever the next mayor winds up being, I suggest building a LARGE farming cave and making a lot of farmers... the fortress is having some serious food issues. A plant gathererer or four to collect new seeds might not go amiss either... we might get lucky and get some rock bushes. I also humbly request the next Captain of the Guard be renamed Mystic Mongol, and be given the job description of "Zombie". There's no better way to take post-mortem revenge than tying people to silk ropes for a month or two.