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Part 6

From the Journal of the Mineral Overseer


I apologize for the paucity of entries, your highness, but the last few months have been fraught with chaos. I managed to slip into the fortress proper along with Moto42, who had been stranded outside with me when the giant scorpion wandered off for a short time. The inside of the fortress is relatively safe, but horribly disorganized.

Tt seems as though Phrog, who fancies himself the leader of this place, has managed to carve out a painfully disorganized workplace and barely adequate living areas for everyone but himself, while creating a massive, cluttered quarters for himself. Fortunately the area he has built for himself could someday befit royalty, so not all is in vain.

Meanwhile, I've put together a list of the dangerous creatures that exist outside our shelter.

Thankfully, most of them are trapped within various pits and chasms, but over a dozen monsters are able to threaten the surface, including various undead fire imps, undead troglodytes, undead giant bats, the giant desert scorpion, and other undead wildlife native to the mountain. However, I feel that with our sturdy doors and ongoing work on a retractable drawbridge, the situation is entirely-

...Lorsith help us

(Sorry the images are so large. Next update I'll probably do a bit more editing. Should be up in an hour or so.)