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Part 69

Professor Bling posted:




If I managed to somehow leave it out, you died when you tantrum'd into a pile of lava outside the front door. Phrog threw tantrums until he discovered miniforges or something.

Seleron takes this opportunity to take on the ambushers who are still camping to the south. By the time I realise he's over here, there are seven dead goblins. That most recent one is the one to the top left, whom I saw go flying. This motherfucker does not fuck around.

OrangeSoda is also slaying goblins like it's going out of style. You can see the wake of destruction he leaves as he chases down some other poor goblin. Poor, poor soon to be knocked across the map, goblin.

Or he's quite a few other ones.

Pictured: Corpse landing. Not pictured: Holistic Detective, other pieces of goblin.

And that's that. I take back the mean things I said until my tomb is finished.

The rest of winter is quiet. No deaths, nothing special. One Dwarf became a Champion.

Spring arrives. Several stories have been completed on the tower, and the plans for the waterfall are nearing completion, and will be able to implemented once the tower is finished.

Vykoss is taken by a fell mood, and shortly takes over a craftsdwarfs workshop.

A diplomat from the elves has arrived.

And so does their caravan.

The diplomat is annoying and bothers me while I'm busy laying out production orders and telling them how to design my tower. As such I don't really listen to him, and tell him we don't care about his stupid trees. However, they're timing is good, as I'm going to seize all of their wood so I can use some of it for my windows and axles and screw pumps.

Vykoss has completedhis mysterious construction! Behold, the wonder of Idaral, or"Rockwomen", a Galena bracelet.

After that things have been pretty quite. The majority of my tomb has been dug out, and once that's done they'll work on digging out the water ways and building srew pumps while my tomb is smoothed, engraved, and filled with extremely precious valuables. All is quiet on the western front and wait what's that.

Oh, goody. something else for our champions to punch across the map. I call all of them on duty and send them at the Dragon. Holisitic Detective's squad was closest, having been overing see the robbing of the elves, and they'll probably be first to arrive.

However, the dragon is headed towards the windmill farm at TRIBUTE. Now he's sitting a stairwell.

Now he's inside the farm. Where the hell are you, Champions?

Oh no, not Basalt Gear Assembly! That was my favorite Gear Assembly!

Thankfully, it's not one of the active ones. Therefore it has not interfered with the running of TRIBUTE.

Spoke too soon.

He's causing some serious destruction. The appropriate windmills on the floor above have also been smashed. C'mon Holistic, show this scaly bitch what we do to people who fuck with our magma-filled doomsday machines.

And now, Ladies and gentlemen, the fight of the century. In the blue corner, fighting for all of Dwarf kind, and representing the indomintable spirit of a dwarf in artifact adamantine platemail, the one, the only,
Holisitic Detective!

And in the red corner, representing all that is scaly, breathes fire, and hates gearboxes, tributes, and TRIBUTE, Ral rabvush Sarvesh Fash!

And let's fight!

Holisitic swings his battle axe and hits Ral, stunning him right off the bat!

That doesn't stop Holisitic though, as he continues the pummel the dragon, breaking his head and nose, leaving Ral in pain, winded and nauseous. I would be surprised if this whole room was covered in dragon blood and vomit before this was over.

Two more hits, and he's wounded Ral's lower body and left rear leg, causing him extreme pain. The dragon has let to lay a hand, er claw, on Holistic detective

And before I can finish that sentence Holisitic Detective has slain the dragon! All hail Holistic Detective!

I've already ordered the damage to  TRIBUTEWEAPON  to be repaired. Thankfully Ral did not completely destroy them, just knocked them to their base components.

Since  TRIBUTEWEAPON  has not been getting refilled, it's been running dry. I'm debating letting it run dry and patching it up, so it won't overflow and nearly kill the trade depot again.

We got some migrants! More laborers to finish my tower and tomb!

Now, it is summer. I've drafted a large number of dwarves into masonry to help finish my tower and tomb quicker. Should I fail to complete my tower in the rest of my turn, I've left a few notes scattered about the tower and the area I intended to have water pumped in through. It would be appreciated if my soon to be successor were to finish up my tower and water fall arrangement.

I've designated a number of smaller tombs to be built near mine; these are for those brave dwarves who gave their life in my service.

There is a specific one for Prof. Bling.

We discovered an underground pool while digging out my water transport apparatus. With minor modifications we can scrap a large part of of the intended transport methods.

Human diplomats. That probably means a caravan which means stuff we can steal. However, due to everyone's focus on finishing the tower, we won't have time to seize their goods.

Another ambush! Right at my tower! Just when they were making such good progress.

Poor EvilKoolAidMan. Looks like he won't be making it out of here, and that I"ll have to make another a tomb.

The military has been dispatched and is enroute to punch motherfuckers across the screen. But they won't be in time to save poor EKAM.

The cavalry has arrived!

And is stunned!

And is getting the shit kicked out of him.

Unfortunately, while shooting at zombie snakemen, Vykoss fell into the underground pool. Poor bastard.

Brute_force tries to flee, but is caught by a zombie. Our wrestler, Esthan, is fighting through the pain, and Degel is coming in to

Esthan is knocked out, but he may yet be saved.

Time for some heavy goblin curbstomping.

C'mon, kill them before they kill him!

Biff! Bam! Boof!


Esthan died, but the ambushers were quickly, violently smited.

The summer has brought no migrants, which comes as a great shock to me. Who wouldn't want o come and work on my tower?

The Belgian has been taken a strange mood!

He quickly claims a mechanic's workshop.

He begins his mysterious Construction!

And it's complete!

Because I hate the Countess's mandates, she got a new bedroom with a floodgate wall. This will be good.

But wait. What's this?

That's a stairway. Straight out of the water death trap. I've ordered a hatch to be placed over it. I'm keeping her door locked.

The hatchcover has been installed. It's been locked.

While busy working on my tower, I missed the pulling of the lever. I come back to the room filling with water.

And I've sealed her in there.

And now Vykoss has finally died. Poor guy. Ironically, he was surrounded by water.

And he haunts from beyond the grave in the form of a FUBAR screenshot.

TremendousMajestic, a peasant, has given birth to a girl! (screenshot got FUBAR somehow).

The summer has ended. It's fall now. I was unable to finish my tower, though the majority of it is finished. THe only thing that isn't is the water supply and a number of walls. My tomb isn't completely finished, really,but most importantly, it's well protected. If someone were to finish it, it'd be greatly appreciated.