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Part 2: - Granite


2nd Granite 1051
The wagon rolls. I travel with dregs silent from the massacre done upon us. Their dwarven tempers stew. There was tantrum over the elven commodities on board. I admit this flower stink wagon is a bane to my nostril hair. I do. There will be no wasted resource. I administered discipline before they could be given fire.

3rd Granite 1051
A quarrel happened when Dett informed me the mule corpse was alive. I bellowed at her: there's maggots. I bellowed again more polite: I'm sorry I bellowed, there's maggots. She picked a plump squirmer out of the mule and put it in her mouth and swallowed and she said: I have maggots also. I will not quarrel with this one again.

5th Granite 1051
I awoke and the dead mule had left. Hyte handed me morning meat and morning ale. She was wearing brown fur. I inquired about the new armor and she said she has never known any mules. I asked Hyte with suspicion if she had fashioned the mule into a tunic and she glared at me in a way I did not like.

6th Granite 1051
A wheel shattered in the river fording. We recovered the wagon but there is no method of repair. I feel eyes watching us from the forest. I armed Squib with sword and mail. If the elves hunt us then this will be our last stand.

8th Granite 1051
I armed two dregs with picks and ordered the commodities to be moved underground. Mar quarreled the decision and questioned the claim I have to leadership. I puffed my chest and reminded with politeness my name had been brought up in the last round of Captain promotions. She did not seem convinced until Hyte looked at her with menace.

9th Granite 1051
While moving the commodities Behem ran to me with terror. She swore three horrific elf birds approached with talons and harsh cries. I ordered the dregs underground and Squib unsheathed her bronze blade to meet the foe with her war mutt. She lunged and slashed open their chests and throats and stabbed the final beast through the skull meat. It was traumatizing to behold.

10th Granite 1051
After the elf attack, my order to build walls around the staircase leading underground was unquarreled. If the brothers live, this tower will be their beacon.

12th Granite 1051
The miners have begun to dig a living area beneath the storage room. Exi swore a decade of architecture experience and helmed the design. The other dregs are assigned to the construction aboveground.

14th Granite 1051
There has been demand for official positions. Mar quarreled for distribution of authority through work titles. I agreed with her ideas for more functioning and elected myself manager of work tasks, record keeper, and broker of funds. We celebrated the promotions with a barrel of rum and mule meat.

17th Granite 1051
Behem alerted me to a herd of elf beasts. They appear fuzzy and friendly. A trick to lure unassuming dwarves into their maws. I stationed Squib to watch for unscrupulous activity.

19th Granite 1051
To avoid mistakes in my broker of funds work I assigned Hyte to educate me on numbers. She lined up cats and gave a demonstration of numeric value. Then she asked for me to count the cats. I did so with correctness. She followed with locking one cat in a stranglehold for three minutes and asked me to count again.

22nd Granite 1051
The construction of the living area is complete. There was quarrel over room selection. I reminded I ordered with kindness the rooms to be built before my office. I followed with discipline administration until each dwarf felt their room was satisfactory to their needs.

25th Granite 1051
I feel that administrative work has been distributed with heaviness on me. I am dealing with substantial quarrel over what to name the tower. I called an anonymous vote and supervised the process. Behem suggested "Elfmurder" and Exi suggested "The Miserable Tower of Miserable Death."

27th Granite 1051
The construction of the walls is complete and the name voting has come to a close. After thorough discipline it was decided with unanimity for the tower to be called Bravemule. We will build this tower tall for all the brothers to see and return to us. Matul Remrit endures. Hail Bravemule.