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Part 3: - Slate


1st Slate 1051
Elf spit! I'm offered minutes to admire a creation before the next work order. I hollowed out the food hall and snoozed in bed and leader burst through the door and bellowed to dig work rooms. No gratitude spared for the careful craft placed in these structures.

2nd Slate 1051
The mule eats in the food hall. Oh that unscrupulous mule! It does not understand tables.

4th Slate 1051
Leader called the miners for a meeting to determine what is essential to Bravemule. Leader determined a prisoner room and then determined a medical room to keep prisoners alive for more time. I suggested holes with water around the tower for close water. Behem suggested we drown prisoners in the water. That is terrible.

6th Slate 1051
Fifteen sunrises have happened since Mittens went missing. Please Mittens I am alone without you. If I could fill my flask with your breath I would need ale no more.

8th Slate 1051
I hollowed squares for the work stations to be constructed. It is a unique design I call "Miserable Pits to Work In."

11th Slate 1051
Leader bellowed to hollow out the medical room sooner. I do not understand the bustle when no doctor brothers came with us but I do not question leader to his beard hair. I am hollowing the hall path and assigned Behem to start on the medical room to avoid discipline.

12th Slate 1051
The medical room was ruined! Behem hollowed it in an unscrupulous shape and called it an octogone. I explained to her squares are the art thus to aspire for that. I fixed the medical room but the octogone still haunts me.

13th Slate 1051
I moved furniture into office room for leader and moved locks onto my door to prevent further door bursting.

16th Slate 1051
Oh Mittens how your fur shined
Oh Mittens how your head purred
Oh Mittens how your feet landed (when hurled)
Oh Mittens where have you left
Oh Mittens do you miss me too
- "Ode to Mittens" by Exi the Poemhaver

19th Slate 1051
I complained about Squib at evening meat and Mar called me a dolt. She is a dolt! I would have butchered the elf birds but I was not looking because I listened to leader and went underground and I did not have a sword or a mutt.

23rd Slate 1051
Aboveground the dregs construct the tower floor. I placed scrutiny in the progress and it is constructed with the art thus I clapped at them.

25th Slate 1051
Behem suggested a method to recover Mittens. That is not terrible.

26th Slate 1051
The storage room is being hollowed to stack water thus the commodities were moved further underground. Once completed the water holes will be striking like cavern moss and people will hail Exi the Arthaver.

28th Slate 1051
The most rigorous month ends. With my pick I hollow the rebirth of Matul Remrit. I will build until the elves hear their screaming dead engraved in our walls.