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Part 12: - Timber


1st Timber 1051
Clure delivered a sword bundle. I chose a blade iron and a burdened hilt. I am eager to train.

3rd Timber 1051
Trumpet waits on the stairs to get rubs for his head. There is a bray savage and loud if there are no rubs. He is cunning.

5th Timber 1051
I trained with the commander. I was ruined. There was no deceit involved. She did not speak words during the clash.

7th Timber 1051
Trumpet likes to hide in the armor stand to startle me. It does not fail. It is time to wear the tunic. There is no tunic here only the war mule! I gave him rock nuts from the secret rations for being the good mule.

10th Timber 1051
Timd permitted drink from the river. I do not trust the water holes. If I fell in the dregs would taunt and chortle.

12th Timber 1051
The commander awoke us frenzied. There are elves on the horizon monstrous and terrible. Our swords shine with sharp. The war animals stir. Bravemule will be their burial room.

13th Timber 1051
We clashed with an elf monstrous and dead. The commander severed its limbs into the air. Sorc dodged an arm. There was traumatizing involved. The other elf will be hunted after a sunrise.

14th Timber 1051
The elf tore out the throat meat of Trumpet! I clashed with the elf to slash its meat. I severed its head for atonement.

15th Timber 1051
Trumpet recovered. He is the good mule.

16th Timber 1051
We celebrated the victory with a barrel of water and rock nuts. Sorc praised the elf kill I achieved. I am not owed praise. Hog told me to not humble.

19th Timber 1051
I conspired with Hog to defeat the commander. The plan was to clash while she snoozed distracted and unarmed. We were ruined. She asked if we learned. I learned being ruined.

24th Timber 1051
Dwarven traders approach on the horizon. It is time to negotiate the commodities from their caravan. I am eager to raid.

25th Timber 1051
Leader bellowed to halt our swords. He ordered it reckless to begin war with a dwarven colony. The dregs are in uproar. Matul Remrit has gone without plunder for too many sunrises. The commander is malcontent.

26th Timber 1051
The caravan arrived. I have been stationed to watch for unscrupulous activity. A small amount and Bravemule will export death.