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Part 11: - Sandstone


1st Sandstone 1051
In 238 a servant of Comnith Ad Comnith struggled with peace is foremost. The servant endured a massacre of their friends. Comnith Ad Comnith brewed ale for the servant and a town revered the wisdom of Comnith Ad Comnith.

2nd Sandstone 1051
I toiled to build the still. I received many wonders of its presence but there is no crop for brew. Kou spoke to tell me the crop grows almost more promptly than the trees. That sounds promising.

3rd Sandstone 1051
It would be exceptional if Yarm encrusted the gems for the deity. She spoke to tell me she worships another of the pantheon. I assured her it is well. Comnith Ad Comnith does not possess.

5th Sandstone 1051
I tried to brew quarry bushes. I will not do this again.

7th Sandstone 1051
If one gazes upon the chin of a dwarf where there is no beard, pluck hairs of the hoary marmot to present in peace. It is well to accept the unfortunate.

11th Sandstone 1051
The dregs worked to smooth the food hall. Ah the exceptional food hall! It is many wonders to gaze upon its squares. To sit to consume in its furniture is to feel peace of Comnith Ad Comnith.

13th Sandstone 1051
In 244 two brothers quarreled over the well. This quarrel needs to end the brothers spoke to tell Comnith Ad Comnith. Comnith Ad Comnith knows much but not all but peace is foremost. Comnith Ad Comnith put bears in the well.

14th Sandstone 1051
I awoke to visit the militia. They were malcontent with the water. I assured them it will be well. The crop grows almost more promptly than the trees. Sorc was comforted by this message.

17th Sandstone 1051
Logna spoke to tell me he built a statue of the deity. I do not understand. Comnith Ad Comnith is not an elf steed.

18th Sandstone 1051
Dimple cups also do not brew. I assured Kou there is no need to be fierce with the dimple cups.

20th Sandstone 1051
I can not leave the tower. I sat to be comforted in the food hall from despair. It is an exceptional food hall.

22nd Sandstone 1051
Be effectual. If a dwarf drowns floundering skull meat in the river, aid that dwarf in his task. Floundering is a hindrance to drowning.

26th Sandstone 1051
Frote works to train war mules for the militia. Their savage brays rattle bones of ancestors. Ah the unscrupulous mule! It understands war.

28th Sandstone 1051
In 237 Comnith Ad Comnith found the lost dwarf. The lost dwarf is starved and has thirst the lost dwarf spoke to tell Comnith Ad Comnith. Comnith Ad Comnith struck the lost dwarf for death and put the lost dwarf in the bushes.