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Part 127: Globofglob: Update 20

I arrive to the sound of screams. It seems a Greater Spawn, one of the creatures that crawled out of that pit, has taken hold of mercenarynuker. The spawn ribs both his arms off in it's maw in mere seconds.

Why now? Why does the caravan have to come just when Hell opens up? Whatever, it'll keep the haulers out of the depths while we murder the fucking spawn.

I hope he doesn't get into my rooms. They're...sort of on the same staircase.

Manic Mole reportedly tried to run back into the pit. Said he forgot his pick down there. On the way he met a new friend.

Now I have two of those bastards to deal with.


Sirocco gets there first. His first blow grazes the spawn's right left leg. Two more come up behind him, but he turns and gets the second a goo dblow in what remained of his upper body.

Meliv and tehsid arrived next. It's four spawn vs three of our champions, All fighting on the staircase. Meliv dealth the nearest spawn a hard blow, smashing it's right claw. Sirocco deals the finishing blow.

None of our champions had even been injured yet, and all looked well. However, three more spawn rose up the staircase to replace the one downed.

Meliv downs the next spawn, and in doing so earns her title. However, she gets dealt a hard blow in the throat, and is sent crashing to the floor.

Oni Elem and Pumpinglemma arrive next. A spawn's left claw is broken, and the shards fly into Meliv's throat, mangling it further.

Well, that was nice of the spawn, taking care of elem like that. We should go out an have a drink, to celebrate! I wonder if spawn like ale...

Robindaybird finally arrives. Another spawn is downed, and it's bloated carcass rolls down the stair, forcing tehsid and pumpinglemma to take cover ont he lower floor. Sirocco and Oni Elem hold off four of the spawn near my rooms, but they seem to be doing well, despite their spine injuries.

Tehsid and pumpinglemma have gone to hide in the various tunnels and rooms down here, abandoning Sirocco and Oni Elem to fight the spawn alone. Robindaybird guards the lower tunnels, lest more spawn come up.

The closest reinforcement are our token swordsdwarf Kitan, newly arrived, and about five or so war dogs. The rest are nowhere to be found. Not that we need them. Sirocco and Oni Elem wipe up the rest of the spawn with ease, though Kitan and robindaybird suffered minor spine injuries.

Apparently, one of the greater spawn called in the cavalry before he died. Well, let the fun begin. If I live through this, I'm declaring a week straight of fucking celebration.