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Part 144: Daeren: Update 7

5th Felsite:

The Sand Raiders were apparently sated with one death, and disappeared as quickly and quietly as they came. I still put guards around the bodies just in case they popped up while they were being recovered.

6th Felsite:

That' hell of a shoe.

8th Felsite:

Vanguard Warden's luck with his modus operandi of "Beat mammoth to death with crossbow" finally ran out.

9th Felsite:

Well, that's taken care of.

15th Felsite:

I saw a bunch of the miners leaving bobtheturd's office high-fiving each other. Not sure what to make of that.

17th Felsite:

Apparently, little Ur Getting Fatter died of thirst. Well, that's depressing. And confusing. How the hell did this happen? We're not COMPLETELY out of booze an-

...apparently Ur Getting Fatter got dropped in the graffiti and was forgotten.

I need a drink.

22 Felsite:

It happened so fast I couldn't even get a record of it.

Dash Magnum, having recovered from his wounds and Giant Mole-related PTSD, was helping round up the tame moles into a single cage to make for easier training when one suddenly turned on him and devoured him. Huge chunks of his torso were ripped free and swallowed down and he died before he even felt pain. The strangest thing is the mole that ate him is now seemingly completely docile, not doing a thing to any other dwarf and even allowing Countess Accursed to take it into the cage. It's the damnedest thing. Eiba even had the gall to use the event as an excuse to show me his plans to catch the last batch of moles.

I REALLY need a drink.

[OOC: I honestly have no idea what the fuck. I see the interrupt message and zoom to see Dash punching the shit out of a mole, and then having chunks torn out of him and dying. The mole then happily scooted around the room until the Countess put it in the cage, no dwarf harming it and it harming no other dwarf.]

Chance II wrote :-

I had wanted to post this at the end of Globofglob's turn but I was holding out in hopes that somebody else would give it a try. I'm not very good at the funny stuff but the thought of those frost giants and their little war ponies crack me up.

Why horsie not go fast? Go fast horsie, not slooow!

Also, my failed attempt at a Greater Spawn wielding a Sandraider.

Val Helmethead wrote :-

Val Helmethead Kedeshtan Cugshillakal Shorast posted:

All right, pal. Look, I'll admit me and the lads have done some things weren't not too proud of here. And I know you don't want to listen to me talk here. I mean, HFS, I'm not gonna defend our actions, or anything like that. All I'm gonna say is this:

In the good ol' days, a dwarf that's dishonored the dwarves was cast out, with their weapons, to kill as many enemies as they could in honorable combat. You've got four dwarves, good with weapons, that aren't about to get themselves liked by the folks of this fortress for awhile now. So give us a chance to redeem our good names.

There's a pit with some bigger'n usual Spawn swarming around in it, right? Give us our weapons and armor and turn us lose. Worse case, you've got four less dwarves to feed and booze up. Best case, you've got four former pariahs and a while mole-dog-crap-load of dead demons. Give us the chance to restore our honor by beating down the door of HFS itself!

Give us the chance to wear our beards proudly in Syrupleaf again!