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Part 164: Zyla: Update 4

1st of Slate

The lords have spoken with me again, and they are impressed with my progress so far. Such things may not be revealed until their time is right, but they proceed on schedule. Some research has been done into project  GLACIERASER  but it remains to be seen in the physics of this world will cooperate with the wishes of the pantheon.

The elves came, and we received their wines and fruits as well as several cages which will come in useful for  SKULLTHRONE 

Preparations have been made to help this fortress's military shortage, in a manner befitting the tremendous progress of Eiba, the Moleboy.

Congratulations to one of the City Guard, on their ascension to champion. Unfortunately for the fortress, this type tends to cower in the fortress and will not ride out to meet external threats.

So are we all, little one.

Next time:

A legendary warrior's new vantage point.