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Part 171: Zyla: Update 11

Siege, 148, Second wave, continued

tehsid: Great Armok, bobthethurd, what have you done?

tehsid: Just how many are in there?

Gentlemen, I give you  MOLENAROK 

The first spawn that makes it up the ramp immediately loses his mind.

The stray dogs lead the way, as they are the most expendable of  MOLENAROK 

The nemesis of the traders, finds herself in a terrible position.

The dogs suffer a great deal at the claws of these monsters.

But the moles are DYNAMITE

Fearing nothing, not even their own deaths, the moles ravage anything and everything. The ripping, gnashing and tearing set a new standard for carnage.

Some fall along the way...

But for every mole that falls, a savagely and mortally wounded Spawn does as well.

The unspeakable barbarism of these moles is without proper words to express it.


Afraid of missing out on all of the action, tehsid orders the troops forward.

The moles continue their path of torment...

I could explain to you how the moles did this, but I am but a decent servant of the pantheon. I'll never forget it, however.

tehsid finally enters the battlefield, now angry that the moles have left nothing for him.

The poor dogs have paid a heavy price in this battle...

tehsid's rage has not subsided. Throwing punch after punch, Mole-tenderized spawnflesh rains from the bridges of syrupleaf.

Not to be outdone, Pumpinglemma charges forward and lowers his shoulder into a mass of three spawn, sending two of them flying off the bridge.

The southern flying one got some serious air...

"Pumpinglemma, anything you can do, I can do better," tehsid shouts, turns and punches a spawn northward.

"Oh, I got ALL of this one"


The spawn panic, and begin to flee down the ramp...Moles attached and biting every inch of hide.

tehsid decides to put him out of his misery and punches him straight into the golden wall.

The final spawn remains, and the military backs off. The moles deserve this one.

The spawn vomits, knowing its fate is sealed.

The moles take their vengeance.

The military heads back to their positions to await the 3rd wave of the siege.

As for the moles..


my big oops was releasing  MOLENAROK  far too soon, I didn't think that a dwarf would actually run outside to pull that switch. But thanks to the ahem...renovations...I'd been doing on the floor above, it seemed to be indoor and not banned as per my orders. I think it still turned out quite well, however. I'm not sure what the F was, I'll have to go into the save to check. I think it might have been frost giant parts that were stuck in the cage before I installed and loaded it.