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Part 21: 64bitrobot: Update 6

1st Limestone
Autumn has arrived. Only a short two seasons until I'm done.

10th Limestone

Ah, some good news! We can trade again

12th Linestone
Good thing I poistioned the military by my project. A batman tried to get to a


16th Limestone
Time to trade!

We traded our many crafts for food, booze and wood.

18 Limestone
The Liason asked what we'd like to trade for. Food, booze and wood. I told him

4th Sandstone

We finally decided on the export agreement.

6th Sandstone
I'm starting to doubt if I have time to complete my project. I guess I'll have
to compromise on it.

First though, these have been bugging me, time to put the millitary to good


From what I can tell, Hollistic knocked one away though the air, then ran
towards the flying trogdyte and killed it, while it was still flying.

Holistic decided to take a break, and let Royal W finish off the last three. He
launched one into another, Then proceeded to kill them all in about 1 swing.

12th Sandstone
The hard part is done. Now for some minor touches to make it prefect.

14th Sandstone
Farewell merchants!


Cheese Maker
Ranger (He's going to kill himself, I can just tell)
Gem Setter

I don't have the time right now to examine them. But I should do it soon.

8th Timber

Pig Iron bars?

9th Timber
A shell

10th Timber
Another shell
A rock, diorite

11th Timber
Rough Black Zircons

12th Timber
He's Still going, what the heck else is he getting?

13th Timber
Some more black zircons apperntly
STILL MORE?! (This is the 7th item.)

14th Timber
Amazonite this time

15th Timber
He's still getting items...
Dog leather this time

16th Timber

Eight items! EIGHT ITEMS! This had better be good!

20th Timber

23rd Timber

25 Timber
Skaw's dog is being harassed by a batman. I'm sending in the millitary.

26 Timber
Maybe I didn't need to worry, it seems the dog won. I'm sending in the military
anyways to beat up the batman.

1st Moonstone
Winter is upon us.

15th Moonstone
Holistic found a kobold thief trying to sneak in. He smacked the thief into the
mountain, it exploded.

Alright, I'll finish up my turn later today after class.