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Part 231: Pozzo: Update 5a


Finishing off the elf, the spawn come running back down towards our entrance, where the Count Frebrezeninja is taking one of the war moles for a walk through the bonehoard. Seeing the charging horde of slavering dwarfbeasts, he wisely turns tail and scarpers back towards the archery range, where Hellioning is now practicing. Hellioning spots the horde and lets fly a flurry of bolts.

Unlike Uncle Jam, Hellioning has been practicing with masterful steel bolts (How??!?), and is armed with Gallowsdrenched, our famed aluminium crossbow. With four bolts flying through the air, he takes out Nuwetha Slevinalidava, the mighty/perfectly agile/Very tough Spawn leading the siege. Nuwetha is stopped in his tracks and dead before he hits the ground.

nippythefish is back in the barracks sparring, and noticing the spawn still here, decides that this time, HE WILL NOT RUN. Or rather, he will run. Directly at the Spawn. With Hellioning providing covering fire, he charges.

He plows into the crowd of Spawn and starts attacking. The horde itself converges on him except for a few outliers who split off to chase Febrezeninja and attack Hellioning, who has fired the last of his bolts and readies himself for the melee.

Nippy's spinning like a a whirling dervish in the middle of the crowd of spawn, sending four of them up into the air at once, killing two others and and wounding another three, all in the space of ten seconds.

The spawn are yet to even touch him. Hellioning, dealing with three Spawn sends two of them up into the air at the same time. There are 6 Spawn flying through the air. One of the Spawn breaks past Helloioning into the barracks where Febreze is still dithering with his mole. The spawn bites the mole along its left side, breaking both legs.

The mole falls unconscious and Febreze drags it behind him as the Spawn snaps at it. Hellioning has seen this and runs through after the Spawn, but as he does another one jumps at him from behind and he is forced to defend himself.

Meanwhile, Spawn corpses are still flying at every angle out of the crowd around nippy, and he is beginning to tire. More spawn are pouring towards the entrance.

However, he suddenly gets something of a second wind, roaring as he smashes Spawn after Spawn in the face. "GODDAMN CRIMINALS!!"

As this happens, Hellioning hammers the Spawn attacking him in the face and it goes flying, while the other Spawn is gaining on Febrezenija, just a few feet behind him now.

The Spawn leaps and bites down on his hand, breaking it. They wrestle for a while, and the Spawn bites his foot off, and the count falls unconscious from the pain.

From there, the Spawn takes its time, biting off his limbs at leisure. Febreze finally succumbs, and with his dying breath whispers "Oh, don't worry about the grates"

Meanwhile, other group of Spawn pile through the door and converge on nippy, who continues to bat them away as if they were flies, but he is beginning to over-exert himself, and he is up against 13 spawn at once.

The spawn keep leaping up at him, forcing him against the wall, where one strikes out at his head, finally knocking him unconscious. From there, 5 latch on to him at once, ripping him into pieces.

Another group of spawn come piling through the door to join with the injured 13 that are still spitting out chunks of nippy all over the bone hoard. This brings their numbers up to 23. Vikingofrock has come out to find pieces of his captain flying all over the room and cries "VENGEANCE!!" while running towards the amassing spawn.

He charges into the crowd, and immediately enters a martial trance, sending them flying out at all angles. He slaughters ten of them, but he rapidly tires himself out, and falls unconscious. This all happens in the space of about 10 seconds. He falls to the ground, and the Spawn begin to gnaw on him. However, after a few seconds the Spawn stop, and seem to take stock, and realise that their numbers have been reduced by approximately three quarters, leaving only 16, all injured by our fallen champions. They wisely turn tail and flee, with Chance II running after them. They leave Viking completely blinded, with both arms broken, no right foot, and 3 unconscious Spawn still latched on to him.

Chance II chases them out of the bone hoard and though they try and flee, the injured spawn are not fast enough to escape, and he mops up, killing 8 of them. while he does this, Viking of Rock bleeds to death in the bone hoard. The 4 remaining Spawn limp slowly to the borders as Chance II returns home, head hung low.


(And there were actually two moles lost, they don't appear to be counted on the legends screen as casualties though. The reason Febreze was taking one for a walk is he was actually going to cage it in the middle of the bonehoard where I'm trying to set up another mole trap. It actually killed him, that mole, because he refused to let it off its leash, even after it went unconscious, slowing him down and allowing the spawn to catch up while, I imagine, preventing the mole itself from attacking)