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Part 63: Eiba: Intermission

Vox Nihili posted:

Can we see the good Queen's stats?
Queen's Stats:

Great tracker? Competent hammerdwarf? Our queen has lead an interesting life, it seems. Unfortunately she doesn't seem very inclined to pick up any hammers, so that stat won't help her much. She'll still be able to tear through plenty of peasants if the military isn't around.

Also, barring some disaster I don't think she'll be going berserk on my watch- I learned enough from the last time that happened in Talllabored- she doesn't need the royal accommodations to stay sane, she just needs the best accommodations available.

Uncle Jam wrote :-

Being a huntsdwarf out in this "Syrupleaf" is quite boring. Mostly I sketch things into the glacier when out 'hunting'.

A dwarf and a Spawn of Holistic are engaged in combat. The Spawn is climbing up onto the bridge. The dwarf 'Luigi's Discount's dress is blowing in the wind

Chance II wrote :-

Journal 19 The beginning of Government interference and the birth of a pastime.

It seems that with the spread of Spawn related disturbances and growing death tolls among many outposts, the Queen herself has decided to relocate her court to Syrupleaf in order to more closely coordinate the study of the creatures and research of defensive strategies. I must admit that this imposition upon my authority does chafe, yet I have of late felt the strain of my studies wearing upon my mind.

In an effort to divert my attention from recent upheavals, I have turned my interest to the new exciting new resource, Moledogs! Since the arrival of Eiba the Moleboy, the entire fortress has been obsessed with the capture and taming of these magnificent creatures. One enterprising dwarf has even discovered a method for the distillation of alcohol from various naked moledog parts. Yet these brews hide a number of pitfalls alongside their pleasures. Celebrating the completion of my study and dissection of a quality moledog specimen, I downed a flagon of Royal's Choice Moledog Stout. Like a hammer strike behind the eyes, the images of the dwarves in the meeting hall where I was drinking swam and shifted before me. With a shock, I realized that where once I was surrounded by my fellow dwarve, I was now beset by a herd of Wholly Mammoths! Yet these mammoths walked on two legs and wore clothing like dwarves, chatting and interacting with each other like old friends. Dazed, I staggered blindly from the hall. I awoke in my quarters some time later, firmly vowing to myself to stay loyal to Dwarven wine.

As a side note, it seems that a radical youth culture has formed around the viscous nature of the naked moledog.

Chance II wrote :-

Hey guys I HAVE to get to work on a research paper on the Siege of Vicksburg, a critical analysis of a statistic book about the industrial revolution in Great Britain, and I have to learn Spanish. Like all of it. Babelfish translator isn't cutting it anymore. So, for now, I leave you with Chancedorf's entry to Sirocco's E(ngraving) Harmony Wall.