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Part 64: Eiba: Intermission

This is the relevant information from the legends screen:

Official Records of the Gate of Climaxes posted:

Sankis Tomesclimax was a dwarf born in 1. She was the eldest daughter of Stukos Parchedurns. The identity of her father has been lost to time.

In 13 Sankis married Sodel Fortresscloses.

In 13 Sankis began scouting the area around Gildsandal.

In 81 Sankis became the leader of the Gate of Climaxes.

She had two daughters in 14 and 15, and a son in 16. Her only children in over a hundred years of marriage (it's the year 145 for reference).

In gameplay terms not much actually happened. She spent 50 some-odd years as an adventurer, and had not a single adventure of note. Then she ascended to the throne when her mother Stukos died.

Stukos is a bit more interesting- she killed a cyclops in the year 3, when Sankis was still just an infant. I should imagine, like any true dwarf, Sankis might have served as a shield during that engagement.

On an unrelated note, there's a visualization application that looks pretty promising- Stonesense.

Here's the main hall of Syrupleaf:

For comparison, this is how it appears in game:

Pretty neat. Still lacking junk lying on the floor, but pretty damn good otherwise. With luck it may even be possible to play Dwarf Fortress through such a program in the future.

Screaming Idiot wrote :-

"Aww c'mon, yeh know yeh wanna stick it in 'er, Skullbuggery! An' I bet she wants yeh! Take it from tha best pump operator ta operate tha pumps, she wants yeh ta pump her fulla yer own special-grade dwarven brew! That be a metaphor fer sex, y'see.

"Oi there, where yeh goin'? Git back here, I was gonna share with yeh some o' me technical skills! I got one I call tha 'gibberin' weasel', she'll love it! First yeh grab 'er leg an'..."

Tosanu wrote :-

The queen was dying. There could be no doubt in the minds of those attending her. The old dwarf was a hale and hearty specimen, but she was ancient even by their reckoning, and her time had come. The crown princess, Sankis, stood by her mother's side. Though not young by any means herself, she still felt a small child next to the elderly figure that raised her.

Sankis was a fine specimen of dwarfhood. In her youth, inspired by tales of boldness and mighty acts, she had taken it upon herself to be an adventurer, a tracker and warrior who often spent time away from hime. Yet, she acutely felt her responsibility, her need to measure up to the tough old bat who had raised her on her own, while at the same time ruling the country. So she had settled down for the most part, watching as her mother's health continued to fail, a tough and painful struggle.

A sharp cought brought Sankis back from her reverie. The queen was awake. Her rough eyes glittered like diamonds. She spoke, a harsh croak. "Leave us. I would speak to my daughter alone." The few attendants, and the Healthsmith, nodded and left. The eldery dwarf beckoned to Sankis. "Come closer. We must speak while there is still time." Sankis nodded, and walked over, kneeling besides her mother's bed.

"Ah, my daughter. You grew strong, as I knew you would. Seeing you know brings up so many memories. I remember you, not even two years old. You were with me, that day, when I fought the cyclops. I knew it was a sign then, when that beast fell. Both myself, and you, were unscathed. I am so proud to see how you've grown strong, and powerful."

Sankis doesn't speak, unsure of where her mother is going with this. The old dwarf goes on. "I knew you would be strong, for I've known from the day I had you. I never told you who your father was, and I know it's bothered you. I've always said that as Queen, I chose not to name the father so as to raise you myself, in my bloodline. But that isn't the truth. Your mortal father, I don't remember his name even. But he wasn't your true father. Your birth was arranged by a god, a dwarf hero from ancient times who chose me to bring its spirit back to this world."

Sankis was shocked. But she let her mother continue. "tell me, do you know the old stories of Headshoots?"


Queen Sankis awoke from her dream. Decades had passed since her mother had died, and she ascended to power in the Gate of Climaxes. But not a day passed in which she didn't think of what she had been told.

"My queen!"

"Yes, what is it?"

"I believe we told you of that distant fort, Syrupleaves?"

"Yes, I believe you did. They are the ones trying to eke out a living deep in the frozen wastes, correct? Are they still alive?"

"Yes, in fact. Even though they have been fighting the dreaded Spawn."

Sankis' eyes widened. Few outposts up until now who had faced the rumored demon dwarf Spawn had survived. "They faced the hordes and yet live?"

"Repeatedly. Even when just beginning, they survived attacks from the beasts, and continue to survive to this day. And now, they have found the dark ore."

"Adamantine....." Sankis whispered. And knew, without a doubt.


Disguised in rags, Sankis looked at the forbidding expanse of ice and bone in front of the fort. She nodded. It was time for her destiny to be fufilled. As she entered the door, she nodded to the one beside her. As the hidden guard lets loose a blast on a trumpet, she stood up straight and proud. The herald called, "The Queen has arrived!"

OOC: Note the lack of detail. i figure the queen will be spectacular one way or the other, so her divine heritage is a bit of a Schrodinger's cat until then. What's everyone think?

Skullbuggy wrote :-

markus_cz posted:

Skullbugy, what are your intentions with my mommy IceDrake? I mean, are you going to expand upon that storyline? Because if you are, we could probably ask Eiba if he could lock Dorfbuggy and IceDrake in the same room for a while. IIRC, that way they would get to know each other pretty quick. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

Well, I might answer a few questions right now, I guess.


"Do you like my mom?"

"What- why are you asking that?"

Leperfish stared at his boots. "I dunno..." he said, in a slightly sing-song voice. "I mean, you do visit us a lot..."

"You come and see me," said Skullbuggy, "and I have to take you home. Remember last week?"

"Yeah, I got too close to the kennels," Leperfish said, pouting. "War mole almost bit my finger off, you said."

"Because it almost did, okay?" Skullbuggy sighed. "That's why you don't stick your hands in cages, not even if the Overseer lets you."


"He didn't, did he?"

Leperfish huffed. "N-not exactly."

"Look, the point is," said Skullbuggy, "there's nothing going on between your mother and I." Skullbuggy coughed. "She's too young for me anyhow."

"So that's a 'maybe'?" Leperfish said, excitedly.

"N-no!" Skullbuggy said. "That's not what I meant at all!"


"Yeh know, Skully, this is the life."

Screaming Idiot took his mug and upended it, as he always did. He got most of it on his beard, but that wasn't a problem - he was 'saving it for later'.

"R-really, now," said Skullbuggy, mug in hand.

"Well a'course!" Screaming Idiot said, smiling. "I love livin' in Udibgovos, I really do! I mean-" he poured himself another mug of ale "-lookit all the golds and metalses we've got! We're, like, real rich, right?"

"Well, according to my reports, we're doing quite well for ourselves," said Skullbuggy, grinning a bit.

"Well tha's right!" Screaming Idiot said, taking a moment to gulp down some more ale. He belched, and smiled in satisfaction. "No wonder all  THEM SPAWNSESES  wanna come here an' wreck us!"

"Well, I-" Skullbuggy stopped. "Is that really a good thing?"

" THEMS  is good target practice!" said Screaming Idiot. "Granted, I dinnae have many chances to practice n'more, what with me head inju-ma-ries. Headjuries."

The brain damage was becoming apparent, thought Skullbuggy.

"But yeah, I would nae ever leave this li'l place," Screaming Idiot said, sighing. "It's like... me home away from me home away from home. Y'know, because I live here, right?"

"I don't know about you," said Skullbuggy, "but it's times like these that I pine for my old Mountainhome. I left some good friends back there," he said, "and it's been hard to make new ones."

Screaming Idiot chuckled. "That dorn't include Icedrake, does it?"

"Oh, stuff it."