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Part 97: Sirocco: Update 31

Sirocco's Year: Part Thirty-One

They come. Just like before, Firos has disobeyed direct orders to stay inside the gatehouse and gone to guard the watchtower. Why, I don't know... she ignores all the pleas we yell to her.

Firos is bugged, I think. There's no reason for her to be over there as the rest of her squad went to the right place. I guess we'll just have to roll with it.

'Do you have any trousers we can trade?' one of the merchants suddenly asked. 'Urist's wet himself.'

Firos met the enemy with a rousing battlecry and swung her weapon with enormous force against the oncoming foes.

'Firos, you daft cow!' Male Man roared. 'Your hammer's still in its strap!'

She's a fine soldier, journal, but not perhaps the best mother to ever grace our fortress.

'I can't see a damn thing!' Syntax! complained, as we all strained to look through the cracks between the drawbridge and the wall to see what was going on. We could see blood and lots of Spawn flying everywhere but of Firos there was no sign.

Suddenly a tiny, sad little arm flew over our heads and into one of the merchants behind us.

'Um. We're DEFINITELY going to need some new trousers for Urist now.'

'Run, you daft besom, run!' we all yelled as Firos fled the battle. At that distance it was hard to tell, but it didn't look like she'd been wounded. She fled towards the ice field and we lost sight of her.

'Prepare yourselves, men,' tehsid shouted from the other side of the gatehouse. 'They're at the ramp.' He paused. 'And they're in the gazebo for some reason.'

'Eh?' I said.

'NO! WHY?! GOD WHY?!' I bawled, falling to my knees.

And yes, journal, I admit it... I cried.

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