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Part 13: Update Thirteen: Yodeling In The Valley

Last time, on Earthbound, we beat up a guy in a park and explored a flea market. Today, we'll be heading into the Peaceful Rest Valley to (hopefully) rescue Kim. Let's get started.

With that bridge out, we'll just have to talk the long way around. Oh, well, that's more exp. for me! There are the sounds of rushing water. This is one of my favorite tracks in the game.

So, this fight, he beat me up a bit more than I would have liked. I decided to eat my Hamburger with Ketchup, to see how effective it really was.

Condiments activate automatically, no matter the food item chosen. So you very well could end up with a Tin of Cocao on your Hamburger.

But, burgers and ketchup go together like hookers and herpes, so this is a winning combination. Just how winning, you wonder?

Condiments are powerful things, friends.

From there, the fight went as normal.

As in, that little prick dodged a lot and Nass got shot with a bunch of laser beams. And looking at my max health here, I think that Ketchup packet doubled the HP recovery of the Burger.

Li'l UFOs are roaming around just about everywhere in the valley. They are, by far, the most common enemy here.

They can also drop Skip Sandwiches. I did not know they could do that.

The little jackass also gave me a Cold; they have beams that cause "night-time stuffiness". Like I mentioned in the last update, Colds are just poison with a different name.

5 PP later and it's all cleared up.

Also, Goddamn, son of a bitch. We can't get through this way, either.

Nass chows down on the Skip Sandwich and high-tails it back to Twoson. Hopefully, they'll have something there that can clear that pencil out of our way.

But, he takes a quick break at a Magic Butterfly. 20 PP is a nice amount this early in the game.

This time through, the cave was populated by Mobile Sprouts. I'll just give you the highlight real quick.

Yay, level!

Not a super-exciting level, but Paralysis Alpha will come in handy soon enough.

These two assholes drained a bit of PP from me.

It's not a very exciting trip through that cave, ever.

That is a lot of mushrooms, though.

Though, I guess only two can fight you at a time.

That one girl mentioned two genius inventors, didn't she? We haven't been around this part of town yet.

Let's visit Orange Kid first.

Even though it's a sprite without super-defined features, can't you just feel the coming off of this kid?

Not bad, so far...

Seems a tad modest, really.

Well, that's understandable for an inventor, I suppose.

: I'm basically a happy-go-lucky person, so I'm not worried. You know, I'm working on this machine that would really help you in Peaceful Rest Valley. I hope it's ready soon... what?

Shit, that sounds pretty good to me. Ain't it just convenient we went to this house first?

I guess we can spare a couple bucks to help this kid out. Maybe Kim will reimburse us for it.

Jesus Christ! I guess I'll give you the cash. Maybe we just won't mention this to Kim.

:mankind. Let me give you my new "Super Orange Machine." I call it "Suporma" for short. Please use it for spreading peace and goodwill on Earth.

Well...Let's see what this piece of shit does.

As soon as it finished, the machine broke down.


Fuck you, Orange Kid.

You know, Nass, with just a bit of effort, we could give him a blue face like those hippies we've been kicking the crap out of.

Alright, let's try the Apple Kid. I like apples better, anyways.

Well, doesn't this...Seem...Cozy?

You have a name now, Bernard.

: but anyway...I'm Apple Kid. I haven't taken a bath in quite a while, so I may be kind of stinky. By the way, I'm starving. Do you have something to eat? If you do, can I have some?

Well, isn't it just convenient that I bought these bananas off-screen?

I hope that's the best banana you've ever had. $5 for a single banana from that old lady in the park.

: inventions?

Yeah, yeah, how much do you want? And don't cross me as Orange Kid has...

: Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh. Excuse me. I mean thank you! By the way, I could really use $200.

: I guess I can always recoup my losses through those cute UFOs...

You better not.

After agreeing to help Apple Kid, Bernard heads over to the door.

And he blocks the way. For some reason, Nass isn't all gung-ho for beating up this mouse. C'mon, Nass, it's probably rowdy when you're not looking!

No matter the location, if there is a trash to dig through, than by God, Nass is going to dig through it!

Well, this is going to pay off in...Hell, I'm going to estimate about two and a half, three hours, maybe.

I gave him a banana and $200. Were he a hobo, he'd be dipping that banana in some cream flavored vodka or something.

Can do. I never turn down free shit.

The receiver phone means that we can receive, but not make, phone calls on the fly. It'll probably never leave my inventory, as I tend to forget about the damned thing.

We've got some time to kill, as we let these two geniuses work on their inventions.

Since the phone is free here, let's call Mom and Dad.

Well, Mom doesn't sound quite as happy as I thought she would.

: Everyone here is doing just fine. Oh, yes, Tracy starting working part-time for Escargo Express. Here, I'll let you talk to her. And call me when you have some time. don't have any free time? Well, here's Tracy.

I feel kind of bad that Nass doesn't have the time to call his mom.

:Hello, this is Escagro Express. Oh, is that you, Nass? Big Bro! It's me, Tracy. I'm working part time for Escargo Express. What can I do for you?

There's only fourteen inventory spaces right now. We need to dump some shit off.

Sweet. Let's call Dad real quick.

That's good to hear. We may have spent over $500 today, Dad.

Either way, I save real quick, then decide to wait outside for the Escargo Express guy.

Hey, it's Kim's dad.

While this is also very funny to me, I feel a little bad for Kim's dad.

He runs off down the street, presumably still screaming about pie.

Oh, yeah, this is Paralysis Alpha's description. We've got time to kill, so why not look at it?

Ah, there he is. Perfect.

I really should have kept a running total of how much cash I've dropped in Twoson already. It's probably like, five times as much as Onett.

Yeah, yeah, I can afford the .

Three things doesn't sound like a lot, but that's three HP recovery items, PP items, battle items, etc. Since there's usually at least five or six slots taken up at any given time (equipment, Sound Stone and ATM card), fourteen is suddenly a much smaller number.

Broken machine won't get used for a while, I don't have enough crap to want to sell it on the fly, and since I can't hear the bike tune, I refuse to ride it.

Except for the delivery fee, this shit gets stored for free.

Staying the night will give them Apple Kid plenty of time to work be the most useful guy.

Can you hear me calling you? Help! Come and help me! Um, I don't know where I am... I can hear water running in the distance...

There's only one place I can think of where there is water running in the distance. Everdred was right, she must be in Peaceful Rest Valley!

The morning news is pleasing. Note to self: go beat up Bald Head Pirkle.

We can't get anymore money out of this guy, unfortunately.

I'm still not 100% sure what the trigger is for Apple Kid (spoiler: he's the useful one), to finish his invention. I thought it was a certain amount of time, but it might be going to visit the pencil.

Either way, I go and visit the pencil statue again.

Not a complete waste of a trip, though!

And 5 more PP polishes this level off nicely.

Now, when the receiver phone rings, you can't move. It'll just ring and ring until you answer it. It happened to ring as soon as I stepped out of this cave, and for a second, I thought my controller (the same one I've had and used for about six years now) had finally shit out on me, since I couldn't move and can't hear the phone ringing.

I felt stupid, because I was waiting for this call and knew what to expect. I'm a little special sometimes.

Quickly, back to Apple Kid's hovel!

...What is this asshole doing outside?

: that he's in Burglin Park, looking for you.

And so ends Orange Kid's usefulness.

Apple Kid is here, chillaxin' by the tree.

: but finally, the Pencil eraser is ready. This machine will eradicate all pencil shaped figures in just one second. It's incredibly powerful. Just don't use it near a shop that sells pencil. Here, it's yours now.

Apple Kid, you're a lifesaver. Seriously, by inventing this, you've probably saved Kim's life.

And our end of update stat-shot, an image early.

And with that, we'll end this update here. Next time, we'll slog through his valley and see about rescuing Kim. Stay tuned!