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Original Thread: Hey, I Found A Burger In The Trash! Let's Play Earthbound!



Howdy, folks. Leavemywife here with another LP of another classic SNES RPG. Maybe you've heard of it, maybe not. Either way, that's what I'm here for!

We're going to be doing Earthbound this thread, and it's a bit more of a cult classic, as compared to the other RPG's released around that era. It never had the success that Final Fantasy VI or Chrono Trigger did, financially speaking, but in the hearts of fans everywhere, it's a Goddamn masterpiece.

It's simplistic, yet very nice graphics lend a lot of credence to the characters. The enemies are all varied, bizarre, and most are confusing as shit to fight. The game itself has a nice difficulty to it, making it a fair challenge to work your way through, even with grinding.

The combat system is the classic Dragon Warrior style, where you don't actually see your characters in combat. There's plenty of animations and things to see in combat, though, and I'll be doing my best to show all of that off.

However, the humor of this game is what makes it so great. It's like a Japanese love letter to American culture, but the writer of said letter had never been to America, spoke to an American, and had only read about it in a magazine and seen a few American TV shows.

I'll be doing my best to guide you all through this experience, for better or for worse. There'll be only a few chances for audience participation here, but I assure you, any important decisions that are to be made, will be made by you guys.

Spoiler Policy

No fucking spoilers, unless they're behind spoiler tags. Even with that in mind, do not turn every, or any, page into a Goddamned CIA document. Mostly, it's concerning the things that make this game, well...Earthbound. Anyone who's played it before knows exactly what that means. This also covers Youtube videos with spoilers in the related videos.

Ness' Character Page
Paula's Character Page
Jeff's Character Page
Poo's Character Page

Onett Travel Guide
Onett Shops
Onett Times

Twoson Travel Guide
Twoson Shops
Twoson Tribune
Happy Happy Village
Runaway Five

Winters Travel Guide
Winters Shops
Winters News
Fly Honey

Threed Travel Guide
Threed Shops
Threed Journal

Dusty Dunes Travel Guide
Dusty Dunes Stores
Dusty Dunes News

Fourside Travel Guide
Fourside Shops
Fourside Mall
Moonside Intro
Fourside Post

Dalaam Shopping Guide
Dalaam Stores
Dalaam Today
Dalaam Today Items

Summers Shopping Guide
Summers Stores
Daily Summers

Scaraba Travel Guide
Scaraba Shops
Scaraba Papyrus

Deep Darkness Guide
Deep Darkness Shops
Deep Darkness News

Lost Underworld Guide
Lost Underworld Shops
Lost Underworld News

Magicant Stores

Saturn Valley Guide
Saturn Valley News

Final Clipping

Part The First
No Societal Commentary Here!


Diagerus made another wonderful drawing; he's really fucking awesome.

Paul Power

Paul Power helped contribute to the MAD DUCK EXTRAVAGANZA with these.

Sudden Guts Pill

Holmes and Watson:

Your Favorite Cats:

Art contest entry:

Sudden Guts Pill proved herself as one of my favorite posters in the thread early on, but her contributions helped cement her status as awesome.

Curious Terminal

Curious Terminal created a couple of badass avatars, a smiley-esque dude perfect for Happy Happy Village, and the prototype of what became


While not drawn art, art comes in many forms, as Byzantine is willing to show us.

Hello Ness, this is your dad
Hello Ness, this is your dad
Take your Sudd'n Guts Pill
And put on your red cap

ness Hello Ness ness, this is your dad ness
ness, ness Call your mom if you're ness feeling sad ness
ness, ness Take breaks often ness
And may good luck be with you....
it h-urts...

This is Andonuts to Jeff and friends
You've really made the grade
And the Phase Distorter's locked on to his time
Now you'll go to fight that Giygas
With your minds

This is Ness and friends to Andonuts
I'm stepping through the door
And I'm moving
in a most peculiar way
And the world looks very different today

For here
Am I fighting in a tin can
Far before my birth
Planet Earth is bound
To the Sanctuary sound

Though I've gained
The powers of the Earth
I'm feeling very weak
And I think my PSI Rock knows which way to go
Tell my mom I love her very much
she knows!

Paula here to anyone
We're overwhelmed,
We can't hang on
Can you hear me, anyone?
Can you hear me, anyone?
Can you hear me, anyone?
Can you he..... we are dying in our tin cans
Far before our time
Planet Earth is doomed
And there's nothing we can do....


And Dias decided that these lyrics needed to be performed.

Silver Falcon

Silver Falcon drew a couple of silly things and they're just so

Explosionface's .gif/avatar Extravaganza

Fun with HellowWinter's drawing


Tomas Jefferson and his not-quite-as-awesome brothers

Teleporting around

Some emoticons, some of which actually exist as emotes now.

Sudden Guts Pill and a fun idea

Jesus Christ, man, you're too awesome.

Hello Winter

In addition to drawing out what the thread title actually would be like for lil' old Nass, Hello Winter also drew out what it'd be like if there was an Earthbound/Harvest Moon crossover.

This Is A Cool Guy

Mad Duck Bounce:

PK Foppie storm (and Fobby)

Dear God, those things are too badass.

Bright Wing

Mad Duck Avatars For The Mad Duck God!

Sectum Sempra

The Spiteful Crows can rob you, as well as the various types of Octobots; the only conclusion to make is that these assholes are one in the same!

Monster Time with Alien Arcana

Alien Arcana is awesome and knows a shitload about this game. Thankfully, he's willing to share his knowledge with us!

Part 1

- Prologue / Onett Outskirts
- Streets of Onett
- Your Sanctuary: Giant Step
- Showdown at the Police Station

Part 2

- Streets of Twoson
- Peaceful Rest Valley
- The Cult of Happy Happy
- Your Sanctuary: Lilliput Step

Part 3

- Zombie Night in Threed
- Spooky Tunnels under Threed
- Grapefruit Falls
- The Fly Honey Factory
- Your Sanctuary: Milky Well

Part 4

- Dusty Dunes Desert
- Fourside, the Big Banana
- Maze of the Five Guardians

Part 5

- Department Store in the Dark
- edisnooM ot emocleW
- The Monotoli Building

Part 6

- Winters Wonderland
- ...Brick Road
- Your Sanctuary: Rainy Circle

Part 7

- Summers Resort
- Your Sanctuary: Magnet Hill
- Your Sanctuary: Pink Cloud
- Adventure on the High Seas

Part 8

- Sands of Scaraba
- Secrets of the Pyramid
- The Dungeon Man

Part 9

- The Deep Darkness
- Winters, Invaded
- Alien Stonehenge Base

Part 10

- Your Sanctuary: Lumine Hall
- The Lost Underworld
- Your Sanctuary: Fire Spring

Part 11

- Magicant
- Onett Under Siege

Part 12

- Cave of the Past
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