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Part 24: Bonus: Insignificant Item

Bonus: Insignificant Item

Hey, everybody, we've got a quick bonus update. Thanks to goon Aishlinn, I discovered that I missed something in Threed, so we're taking a quick trip back there this morning.

As I didn't plan on starting recording until I reached Threed, I had to start this as soon as Kim gained her level.

For this level, Kim gained +1 luck and +1 HP. I wish I was hiding something spectacular, like she also gained the power to make enemies implode or something, but no. Just a pretty, uh...Shittacular level.

We're walking all the way back to Threed; I'm just going to list the highlights, really.

Such as Susan gaining a level!

For this level, Susan gained +1 offense, +1 guts and +2 HP.

Yeah, it's a very exciting trip back. Aren't you all glad you're here to see it?

Especially since Nass gained a level, too!

For this level, he gained +1 offense, +2 guts, +1 IQ, +1 HP and +2 PP.

Omega, as could be expected, is often the highest level of a PSI power. In this case, Hypnosis Omega hits all foes.

Though, it's kind of expensive. But, hey, if every enemy gets put to sleep, that's pretty damned nice.

Nass got possessed by a ghost during that fight, which is a source of irritation to me.

Oh, hey, a new enemy!

Zombie Dogs are the toughest enemies around here, I think. 210 HP, with good offense and defense. They can howl, like the Runaway Dog, or they can bite your ass for good damage. They also have a poison version of their bite, and poison is a hell of a thing.

It's kind of like having a cold, but deals about five times more damage a turn. It takes Healing Beta to get rid of, and it's entirely realistic to think you might not have that power when you encounter them.

Not a bad bit of exp., but nothing spectacular, either.

There's quite a few more enemies in this room as compared to last time, huh?

And a level!

For this level, Susan gained +1 offense, +1 vitality, +1 IQ and +5 HP.

With that room cleared out, we can escape back up to Threed.

It's a bit hard to see, but you can notice I'm about to engage some No-Good Flies in combat.

And get Kim another level!

For this level, she gained +2 offense, +1 guts, +1 IQ, +2 HP, and +4 PP. It's a hell of a lot better level than last time.

Since I was around, I decided to snag my Broken Machine. Even though, now that I think about it, Susan won't be able to repair it for a while.

I'm swinging by here for a reason beyond getting Nass purified.

Up on the second floor, head through the nearest door.

I really like the sprite for the IV pole near the bed there. It's pretty good looking. Hell, I didn't know this existed prior to doing this.

Checking these drawers yields the Insignificant Item. What the hell is this thing?

Well, hell, let's use it then!

that cannot be understood by someone who does not use something insignificant.

And so, ends our bonus update. On a side note, we now have enough to purchase that house in Onett!

So, what does the Insignificant Item do? Does it even have a purpose? How did it get there?

The answers are: something, kind of, and who gives a fuck! We'll solve its mystery a bit later on, but we're done with it for now.