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Part 18: Update Eighteen: Money, It's What I Got

Last time, on Earthbound, we found our second Sanctuary Spot. Today, we're going to take in a show, so let's get started.

There's nothing left for us in Happy Happy Village, so we're outta here.

Things don't flee from us in Peaceful Rest Valley, but that's okay. With Kim around, we can win just about any battle within one round.

Just showing you how divided experience works, since this is a bit more effective of a visual example, rather than the crow or those enemies in the cave, since we have a better idea of the experience that would be gained here if Nass was solo.

Not a ton of interesting things happened in Peaceful Rest Valley, barring one thing:

No, it's not the Spinning Robo being destroyed.

Its what it dropped; I think Meteornium has a 1/64 drop rate, and I'd never seen it drop before. Oddly enough, on the Earthbound Wiki (where I went to check that drop rate), it says it has a 2/128 drop rate. That still simplifies down to 1/64, right? Or has math changed?

Though, for being an item I just found, it has one of my favorite descriptions of anything in the game.

The bridge to Twoson has been repaired.

I'm glad he has a sense of humor about being a former cult member.

And back to Twoson we go.

Kim got mushroomized, which I didn't expect. The Ramblin' Evil Mushroom also dropped a Ketchup Packet, which I think is another 1/64 drop. It's a 1/16, though. And, Kheldarn was nice enough to inform me of this:

Kheldarn posted:

Looking at the game in PK Hack, it seems all drops were assigned a rate of x/128. There are seven total options:


So, all things have an x/128 drop rate, and anything above the 8/128, I'll need a calculator to simplify. Shut up, I'm fucking awful at math.

These are the front men for the Runaway Five, Lucky and Gorgeous.

Gorgeous here directs us to Lucky; I'm not doing this for fun, even though I would totally talk to these two even if it didn't help with the plot.

We actually need this to progress, so I'm just streamlining things a bit. For some reason, I didn't talk to these two earlier, even though I could have sworn I did. Either way, they too were concerned about Kim.

And having rescued her, he gives us free tickets to the show!

Before I take Kim home, I'd better get rid of that mushroom. I don't think her parents would appreciate it if I brought her home, worse for the wear.

Hey, she'll get taken home soon enough. Nass just has a few other errands to run first. Such as making $1,050.

And dropping some of it in the bank. Having seen those two rare drops within a few minutes of each other, I'm a bit worried. Getting a game over only takes half your cash, and I don't want to lose any of it. I've got a house to buy, dammit.

Alright, let's take Kim home. I'm sure everyone will be thrilled to see her.

: Well, here we are. I told you I'd get you home safely.

: I didn't have any doubts about that, Nass.

: Well, uh...Can I at least walk you in?

: Sure.

Hey, we brightened that kid's day.

That kitty on the roof is adorable.

This is the only kid who's dialog has changed. I think that's pretty nice. I always wanted to be somebody's hero.

Her mother is very excited to see us, and I can't blame the lady.

: and your great courage will allow you to stand up to any challenge. Kim, if you must take this trip, be sure to bring this along. It's my very own hand-made band-aid! Ooo! That rhymes! I know, I'll call it a Hand-aid!

The Hand-aid is pretty awesome; it'll restore HP back to full, no matter how low the character's HP is.

Though, I can't blame him for suspecting Everdred. He is a pretty shady character. Who we need to go see.

But, let's go see her dad. Maybe he still has some of that pie.

Oh...He's not home. I guess he's still out looking for her, shouting about pie.

Actually, as we attempt to go further in, her dad comes in.

: like in Kim's dream. Kim, I'm sure you'd be a big help to Nass. It's not every day a father lets his daughter embark on a journey to save the world!

At this, Kim's Spider-Sense activates.

Damn right you two will be able to.

: our power, no one can beat us. Now, wipe your eyes, blow your nose, and smile before we take off.

This is a hell of a nice moment. Kim's father, who was so desperate to find her, does a complete 180 when he sees what Nass can do; all along, he knew his daughter was special, but this boy who went and rescued her, who has the same sort of special abilities his daughter has, needs her help to go save the world.

He gives his blessing, despite wanting her to stay. He's going to support his little girl in this endeavor, no matter what. He's not going to cry, because he needs to be strong for her.

Alright, let's get out of here.

Eh, what's this?

Ah, a nice in-game reminder that we need to go see Everdred.

After passing on his message, the muscle-head runs off.

A Cranky Lady is down there. I fought her, but since Nass one-shot her (Kim attacked, too, for about half her HP), before she could act, I decided not to take shots of it.

I'd pass on being Everdred's partner. He's too shady for me.

: It's written all over your face. If you accepted, I was going to give you some money. Actually, I can't keep the money now anyway. Let me give this to you.

Oh, Everdred, you know me too well!


: You cannot refuse my generosity. Now I plan on looking for the evil Mani Mani Statue that Lier. X. Agerate unearthed in Onett. I'll see you another time, in another space.

Oh-ho, $10,000! Hello, sweet currency!

...Wait, it's an inventory item? Not an actual ten grand?

Well...Let's get to Threed.

: Is taking the bus okay with you, Kim?

: Sure, unless you'd rather carry me there.

As I get lost finding the bus station, I step on the right spot in front of the Chaos Theater.

The paparazzi strikes again, pleased that they have found Kim safe, and on her way to a show. Too bad she's leaving the city instead.

However, this paparazzo doesn't know that.

There we go, I found the bus station. You think I'd remember where this is, considering how many times I went back and forth to Peaceful Rest Valley.

(It looks like the next bus will come pretty soon.)

: get there or not. The fare is $4. you want to go?

Don't worry, driver. If anything goes south, Nass and Kim can take care of it.

It's a long way to Threed on foot.

Seriously, this is much further south than I went.

Much further south.

Can anyone identify what it says on the side of the bus? To me, it looks like "Croy Hand Bus", but that doesn't make any sense. Or "Cray Hand Bus", but I don't know why a line of supercomputers has its own bus system.

Just beyond this tunnel lies Threed.

Now, stare at this screenshot for about thirty seconds. Because, at first, I thought my game had froze.

Then I remembered I was carrying the Receiver Phone.

: be a good idea if you took a break?

: Sorry, Dad, I got this...World saving thing to do.

: but I understand your point about the fate of the world being at stake.

That phone call is a very sweet moment to me. It's nice to see the protagonist's parents supporting him and loving him as much as Nass' folks do.

If there's something strange in your neighborhood

Who you gonna call?


If it's somethin' weird and it don't look good

Oh, we're done here.

...Oh, my. That's not good.

I don't blame you, pal. Take us back to the bus station.

Well, uh...What do we do now?

: I've got that Backstage pass, Kim. You want to take in a show before we figure out how to go?

: Sure. Lucky's my favorite member!

We present the Backstage pass to her. It doesn't leave our inventory, though.

So, here we are; the Chaos Theater. I really like the floor design here. It actually looks like the kind of place I'd go for a drink or two.

That fat guy on the left looks like he's really putting the moves on that blonde lady.

Well, we just happen to have one...

Yeah, got it right here.

I suppose, miss, but--

And away we go!

This swingin' place is the backstage for the Runaway Five.

Well, one of the guys back here might be into that...


Each of them has something different to say, too.

I get the feeling from this guy that I really could learn a thing or four from him about, well...Anything.

I think this guy might be the unsung hero of the Runaway Five. A band is nothin' without good lyrics and good tunes, right?


: 'cept now, we're the only act playin' here. We even gone into debt here, so we're pretty near stuck, hyuk, hyuk, hyuk.

Lucky is my favorite member of the Runaway Five, just because he's so damn chill. At least, I think this is Lucky. The one in red is Gorgeous; that's his name, not my opinion. I mean, he's a nice looking guy, but I use the word gorgeous sparingly.

: it looks like ta me.

Gorgeous is over here, scattin' away, like a proper fat cat.

: I could pay off my debts and move on to the next town. I wonder if our bus still runs. It may be rusted out...

: Hey, uh, Gorgeous...

: Don't try to use your play money here kid.

: Actually, Gorgeous...

:Oh... my... gosh...! That's not real money, is it? Wow!

Well, we've met the band. Let's go see their show, shall we?

Now, I'm not willing to wreck this with my pathetic words and rambling commentary.



Oh, well, I came here to let you know how great the show was. But, maybe...Maybe I can do something about that debt.

The officer is there, ostensibly, for security. He doesn't say shit as we walk past him, into the manager's office.

Well, son of a bitch, this guy doesn't waste any time.

: They'll stay here until they pay the money back. They might be here for 100 years, unless you decide to pay off their debt... Heh, heh, heh.

: Hey, uh, Poocheyfud...

To be fair, were I in Poochyfud's (what the fuck kind of name is Poochyfud, anyway?) position, I too, would be surprised if some kids wandered up with $10,000 in cash.

: I've got no complaints now that I have my money.

At these words, The Runaway Five enter the room.

All in a day's work, Gorgeous.

They each have a bit to say, then they skedaddle on out of the room.

Anything I can do to help, Lucky.

Well, we do need a ride somewhere, uh...Ah, hell, I only know Lucky and Gorgeous.

To Threed! Maybe they got a bitchin' theater to play.

With faith, baby, we can go anywhere!

Nah, dog, you just proved yourself one soulful, very cool cat.

And with that, we take our leave, as well.

Gorgeous is waiting for us outside.

That's a pretty badass tour bus. It ain't no Ecto-1, but it's still stylish.

Let's get this show on the road, baby!

Once again, this is better in video. I mean, would you want screenshots of ghosts being deflected by the power of rock?

Fuck no, you wouldn't!

...Something is rotten in the state of Threed, methinks.

This gentlemen helpfully informs us that all sorts of ghoulies and ghosts are on the prowl here.

This town truly is evil! There are no trash burgers!

But, we're starting to run long here. Let's get some supplies and call Dad.

Goddammit, I forgot I deposited money into that ATM. Though, I don't have to take out a ton, since only the Minor League Bat and Thick Fry Pan are the only new pieces of equipment for us here.

Space was running tight, so I sold Nass' old bat first. I also called Escargo Express real quick.

Even though Kim's offense isn't stellar, it still pays to have her up to date with her equipment; her PP is too valuable to blast away on every random encounter, so keeping her weapons good can save PP.

I store the Backstage pass, the Franklin Badge and my PSI caramel. I'd rather not waste the caramel now. And putting it in storage means that I'll probably never actually use it.

End Of Update Status Shots

No changes here, as no levels were gained, but some exp. was picked up. We'll gained some levels next update, as well as start to see what's wrong in Threed. So, stay tuned!