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Part 15: Update Fifteen: If I Were Green I Would Die

Welcome back! Last time, on Earthbound, we made our way through Peaceful Rest Valley, gained a ton of exp., and found a Hard Hat. We also arrived at the Happy Happy Village. It'll be a bit of a short update today, but we'll be exploring the village, so let's get started.

There's just a few people around the village.

Like this lady over here; we talked to the one in red last update, remember?

: contaminants. Donate whatever you can.

I can spare $15. After all, all I gotta do is walk back to the valley and bash the first thing I find to recoup the loss.

A postcard? What the hell kind of reward is a friggin' postcard? How much you wanna bet the destination is one of those that we go to for Happy Happyism spiritual help?

I can do that. Over here. Far away from you.

I love the description for the postcard, though. It's like most postcards I've seen.

There's a hippie, and a big-ass building. Let's go talk to the hippie first. He's one of those non-confrontational ones.

: so he is able to deliver inspired messages.

Hey, a house that isn't blue! Maybe it's someone who's not indoctrinated by the cult in this town! A normal person!


Never mind on the normal bit...

I'm confused as to why this man is in this pen. I could have sworn I talked to him, too, but he's nowhere to be found in my footage.

We've found our hotel in this village. $50 a night, just like Twoson.

: my wife who had run out on me returned home!

Exploring more through the village, we see that nearly every house is painted blue. As well as the trees.

: I meant he's looking for a girl who can be the high priestess of Happy-happyism. I heard he's already got her.

To the north, there's the hospital, with the Healer hanging out in front of it. I guess his blue hair and mustache fit in well here.

The inside of the hospital leaves a few things to be desired; namely, medical equipment. Maybe more staff.

Just north of there is this guy.

There's a food stand over to the left there, it only sells bananas and eggs.

Spoken like a true Christian cult member!

This guy adds a nice touch. If I did actually visit that food stand, I’d certainly try and rob it, but this guy is already onto my game.

Interesting. I wonder--

Well, a spot, that's mysterious and has a name capitalized? Ladies and gentlemen, we've found another Sanctuary, methinks.

Oh, God, the KKK has invaded!

In the original Japanese, from what I've heard, these guys did have a little "KK" on their hoods.

This is their basic attack.

It's nothing to worry about, but a good chunk of that is due to the Hard Hat we found in the Valley.

They have 94 HP, so they're not a threat.

And this is another person beaten back to normalcy.

And they drop a fuckload of experience.

Here, we have the drug store and a cave. Let's check out that cave real quick.

We're immediately assaulted by two Insane Cultists. I love this fight, and you'll all see why in a minute.

I don't know if saying that they "trapped you" is just for flavor or if it means you can't actually run away. Doesn't matter to me, as I'm going to beat all of them back to normal either way.

Now, this battle doesn't look too bad right now. Or anything to get excited about.

Much like the Skate Punks, these guys can call for reinforcements.


I didn't plan this. I wasn't actually fucking around in this fight, they just kept bringing me the exp.

All the sweet, delicious, valuable exp.


I didn't expect this to happen, but I am not complaining. I love all level ups.

All of my offense gains could be tripled, and I'd be the happiest girl in the world.

After that monstrous 39 HP last level, this 1 gain doesn't bother me at all. It's still 40 HP in two levels.

Before we go further, I'm going to go visit the drugstore.

Thankfully, we bought the Copper Bracelet back in Burglin Park, and with the Hard Hat, we don't need to purchase the Holmes Hat. Though, I do love the image of Nass in a Sherlock Holmes style hat, with one of those bubble pipes.

The Sandlot Bat is a nice upgrade, and in my opinion, a needed one. Nass' damage is still good, but enemies are starting to get enough HP to where we can't be guaranteed we're going to drop them in two shots.

And hey, $24 back on the Tee Ball Bat is pretty nice, too.

I feel a little bad selling that kid's cap, but he'll understand that it's for the good of my wallet the entire world and the future.

In hindsight, I shouldn't have sold this now, but I can deal with it.

I deposit some stuff into storage, since I'm near a phone. I won't be needing these two for a while, but I'll be sure to bust out the map to gets shots of it for the new towns we visit. For now, I'd like the extra inventory space.

And, finally, a call to Dad. We've got over $2,200 to our name. We'll own that damned house in Onett soon enough!

The last shot of this short update; level 19 Nass, and I should probably go rest at the lodge. Overall, I'm quite happy with his stats right now, except speed. Then again, Nass isn't a super-fast cat, so his speed is alright. I'd just like him to be faster.

Next time, we'll see about rescuing Kim. Stay tuned!