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Part 28: Update Twenty Seven: League Of Legends Seems Pretty Cool

Welcome back. Last time, on Earthbound, we found our third Sanctuary Spot, and I further cemented in your mind that I can't tell the different between shields. However, thanks to OFS, I should be able to do it from now on, as he gave me the perfect bit of advice to help me remember:

Orange Fluffy Sheep posted:

Shields of light are physical, psychic shields block psi.

You just have to pay attention.

Anywho, let's go check up on Threed, shall we?

We've gotta walk all the way back, but nothing interested happened. I gained some exp., and got a Sugar Packet from a fight, but it was pretty meh, as far as return journeys go.

Oh, yeah, we're Banana-Flavored now. I really like the way it makes the status boxes look.

The tunnels back to Threed are empty now. All I found here was the Magic Butterfly.

With the zombie scourge eradicated, Threed is now a normal town. It has one of my favorite town themes, too. It just feels so homey and relaxed to me.

Hello, we have a welcoming committee!

: Peace! Love!

Aww, shucks. It weren't nothin', ma'am.

I just might. Off the top of my head, I see no reason to return soon, but maybe I'll make an exception for you.

: disappeared. The buses can get through the tunnel now.

Sweet. We can head back to Twoson and Onett any time we wish, now! We'll be heading back to Twoson soonish. We have something insignificant to take care of.

: Who would have ever imagined it?

Dude, they're standing right there!

The city has many more people around it now, as could be expected.

Not all of their messages are quite as deep or impacting as this one, but they're close.

Well, sounds like we're going to the same place, pal. How convenient!

: I'm a real urban-type of guy.

Once, while visiting DC, my family and I would up at a fish-market. I wouldn't want to smell that, or like that, ever again.

The children are grateful. I really like the simplicity of their dialog, for whatever reason.

Though, this guy has my favorite bit.

The Corps are still in the tent, so let's check in on them.

Right here is another photo-op spot.

See? Like I'd lie to you.

Though, if he's moving along to where we are, and he drops from the sky, why doesn't have ever offer us a ride?

The same people are still hanging out in the tent. I'm kind of curious as to what they did with the zombies.

Never mind, they're in that cage over there. But I only see three...Where are the rest?

If it had been less peaceful, I would have been terrified of what this town was like before.

: It's like you used a bunch of "peace paper," right? Ha ha ha.

Uh, yeah, he was. He's right back there, actually.

I certainly hope so. That'd beat the hell out of taking the bus.

Uh...Smashed to bits, actually. Maybe...Maybe we can't fix it.

: What's the problem?

This guy has gotta be one of the biggest assholes in gaming, ever.

Since that one guy mentioned it, what if we can repair the Sky Runner?

For the time being, you say?

The bus stop is back east, but I went exploring a bit more for some NPC dialog.

: now that the zombies are gone. *SNORT* Ahhhh! The outdoors is sooo refreshing!

These three down here are an interesting bunch.

: I decided to come see my boyfriend... I really shouldn't have, though.

Well, it's not like the zombies were still around, right?

Why do you make that sound like such a bad thing?

...Oh. Well, be smooth about it, and good things may come! But, what does the new girl have to say for herself?

: He used to be in a band.

Oh, so he wasn't cheating on his girlfriend. He was just practicing for when he's a big rock star. Or else he adheres to the Zip Code Rule.

And now, finally, down here around the Boogey Tent is this guy.

: info from me... Heh heh heh.

Was he working with the zombie/Belch menace, too?

: Why are you giving me such a dirty look, you brat! Ptooie!

What the hell, guy!?

(It looks like the next bus will come pretty soon.)

That's it, we're getting the fuck out of Threed.

I can stomach a lot of shit, but when a grown man asks for a massage from a group of teens, I'm out. I don't need Elliot Stabler swooping in to beat my ass.

Yeah, whatever, it's $6. Get me out of here.

As far as I know, there's nothing in this transition area between the tunnels. I wouldn't be surprised if there was, so I'll come examine this in closer detail a little bit later.

Welcome to the Dusty Dunes Desert, folks! This is one of my favorite areas in the game, and I have no idea why. Even though there's no music while recording, I could hear it in my head; it's one of my favorite tracks in the game.

Well, this doesn't seem good.

: It's up to you if you want to get off the bus and walk around in the desert... Hey, it's a free country.

Now, you'll notice as soon as we stepped off the bus and stepped into the desert, sweat immediately began flying off of our characters. It's one of the biggest pains in the ass in this game; any area where sweat begins to fly means that, randomly, your characters will get sunstroke. It works like a cold does, draining health each turn and while you walk the field. Thankfully, PSI Healing Alpha will clear it right up, but there's no indication that one of your characters is afflicted, until the screen starts blinking red every few steps.

And, according to the Earthbound Wiki...

Earthbound Wiki posted:

Ness does not get sunstroke as often as Paula, Jeff and Poo do because he wears a cap while the others do not.

I don't know if that's true or not, but it certainly seems that way. In my experience, Nass gets sunstroke less than the others.

Oh, hell. That's just lovely.

: At this pace I'll be 100 years old by the time I get there!

: I'm leaving my car here and walking instead!

I've never seen a traffic jam that bad before, but I've heard of them. Any goons have any stories about somethin' like this?

: I can't move an inch!

Ay dios Mio. This traffic jam is having an adverse effect on everyone!

Well, back here, there was a little drugstore. Let's see if there's anything interesting around it.

(It's a new shop, did you really think it wouldn't have anything new?)

This guy over here sells the general goods round these parts; Wet Towels cure sunstroke, but they take up precious inventory slots.

I don't see where you keep the beds!

Bwaah, not for those prices!

Oh, well, that's a nice thing, too. I hate dusty sheets.

Right now, Nass has too much shit in his inventory to get that bat upgrade. Sure, I could sell his old bat and then buy the new one, but I didn't think of that until later. Besides, I need to store some other shit, anyway.

So, Susan gets a Coin of Slumber, as his defense sucks noodles.

I plan on storing the Fly Honey, my Sudden Guts Pill (as I want it to be safe), and probably the Stag Beetle. I've got just a touch more than $18, so I can afford it, so now, it's just time to wait.

Oh, what the hell? Escargo Express is calling me? And snickering about it?

: (Hee, ha, he, ha) I've decided, honestly, that... I should give up. I'm outta here. (hee, ha, he, ha)

Oh, you son of a bitch!

Well, I guess I can sell the Hard Hat and give the Bomb to Susan, and the Picnic Lunch to Kim...

It's worth it, though. I really need some shit stored, though.

Kim gets a new fry pan, bolstering her offense just a touch more.

This is where we're ending off today. Next time, we'll explore the great, expansive Dusty Dunes Desert, and find some...Interesting things. Stay tuned!