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Part 12

Right! Off to the Ice Cave!

A quick peek into Keel's back room reveals an impressive collection of booze.

Before we head off, let's stop at this shop for a second.

As you can see, they sell a few useful-looking items. Might be good for conserving TP.

Okay, we're good. Let's drop by our friend the boat man.

Let's try that again.

That's more like it.

Well, this doesn't look so bad.

Death Winkers, Chin Rooters and Mad Curs, oh my!

Common RPG knowledge indicates that stepping on ice will cause you to speed uncontrollably in one direction, but thankfully Eien no Filena is merciful and lets you walk on ice without hindrance.

These Helium monsters start showing up here. They've got a really annoying skill called Noxious Gas that can cause blindness AND poison. They've got pretty good HP too, so you should concentrate your strong attacks on them first. In this picture, I ignore my own advice and beat the Mad Curs first because I hate how they look. I wasted a lot of Eye Drops and Antidotes in this dungeon.

Ooh, pretty.

I have a strange sense of foreboding.

Remember what I said about this game being merciful? Yeah, scratch that.

These guys can do well over 100 HP of damage a turn, and have loads of HP. But thankfully, I have a trick up my sleeve!


I can see a terrible pattern emerging here.


Dr. Keel, this better be worth it.

FINALLY. Let's get the hell out of here now.

Time for a quick experiment on the way out. Sadly, the combination of a Molotov cocktail and Helium doesn't have quite the same effect that my school science classes would indicate.

Milika's getting pretty strong and has just learnt a very powerful sword technique. She can even fight in the front row now and hold her own pretty well. Meanwhile, Filena has just learned a new crystal weapon technique that does loads of damage, but costs 30 TP.

Time to use the to treat Filena's glaucoma.

Dr. Keel marches off to the operating room, and Nest leads Filena in after him.

Definitely not something you want to hear during medical treatment. Last time I heard that, I woke up with a cortex bomb.

Lila's expression here is priceless.

Introducing Filena's new sprite!

This is some of the most inept genderbending I've ever seen.

Good job, Keel. You're not even drunk yet. I have the impression that the cat is decidedly out of the bag now, unless there's an extreme case of stupid in the Empire.

They're all women, eh? Looks like it's Nest's turn to crossdress!


Brilliant, our disguises are covered in the blood of the innocent.

I guess that explains where he got the death ray from.

It's not a hard dance. It's pretty much on a level with .

Good, I was going to pay you in grass and Dela Leaf carcasses.

By the way, I completely unequipped him before I went in here.

Filena and co. repair to the back room to put on their disguises.

Hurrah! Another new sprite for Filena!



On attempting to leave, Dr. Keel stops us and gives us his medical supplies, thereby rendering his clinic useless.

Coming later today! Filena is... the lord of the dance!
Might take a while since I'll need to put a couple of things on YouTube.