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Part 13

Now that we've got our Meemez costumes on, some people around town say different things. Let's see what's going on in Delacina now before we make our escape.


I wouldn't. I hear it's pretty Boring.

I like how even though it's supposed to be a taboo, everyone's talking about it.

I dunno, Delacina doesn't exactly look like the most affluent town in the Empire.

The Clechia Hunt. Even though we've escaped Dorah and are on the way out of Delacina, not only is Filena wanted for murder, but Clechia Hunters will attack her on sight. Life isn't easy for the Clechia.

My boozehound senses are tingling!

With this, you promptly get kicked out.

Mister Guest, you are a twat. I would have found the sewer route to Dorah by now.

Crap, they're onto us. We'd better learn that Meemez dance quick-smart. To the theatre!

Oh hay, it's one of our Meemez buddies.

With that, the Meemez scurries off into the theatre.

When you try to enter the theatre...


Christ. Those girls just can't keep a secret.

Haha, they blew themselves up?

Also, the script writer can't count or forgot that Nest shot another Black Devil. I'll have to correct this later.

With that, the "soldier" gives us a suspicious look and scurries off.

No thanks to you.

Taboo dancing! I can't wait!

We take the secret lift underground...

Learning the Meemez Dance @ YouTube

I can't shake the feeling that it's a bit early yet to get to the capital and by extension, a major plot element.

Off to the checkpoint!

The Meemez in front passes through silently. That's a good sign.

Okay, it looks like everyone is only a dick to Filena.

Filena, Lila and Milika perform a rather clumsy rendition of the dance.

Filena is now a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman.

These girls really aren't good at lying. Don't they teach them anything in prostitute school?

After abusing his powers and copping a feel of Filena, the guard hides behind the gate. We're free to go through the checkpoint.

Lila engages in some last-minute bitching before the dance to Bor.

Dancing out of Delacina @ YouTube
(There's some overlap with the following screenshots.)

Barabba 1 hates those Meemez to piece-ez.

All the other Meemez have it surrounded!

The party all go to sleep.


Lila wakes up.

Throwing horrible blinding poison into people's faces is a great way to make friends and meet people.

The next morning...

Black Cat sneaks around the trees, and calls to the party.

I SEE YOUR CLEVER RUSE. But do Filena and her buddies?

My God, it's like a carnival of inept deception.

We head down the path some way, until...

Black Cat sneaks up behind, but dashes off when the group turns around.

Milika espies Black Cat sneaking around again.

Neither does Filena.

You could knock me over with a feather.

Black Cat spins, revealing his disguise!

Black Cat reveals himself to be a Black Devil, and procures a big, nasty-looking bomb.

Goah explosion @ YouTube

(Watch the video before progressing!)

And so, Fis was orphaned.