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Part 14

We've come roughly to the point where I'm going to have to translate the relevant files before each update, so it'll take a bit longer between updates from now on. I'll also be including a patch at the end of each update representative of the latest progress, but these will not be official releases and may have more of my ridiculous typos than usual.

Finally, we get to use the overworld to travel between locations rather than do gratuitous levelling up.

What? We just HAD an ice-themed dungeon! Don't these developers know anything about RPG cliches?

We've also got human enemies again.
One of the enemies around here has an instant-kill technique, so be careful. Also, this one occasionally drops a great helmet which boosts strength as well as defence.

Another warm welcome for Filena and Lila.

Lila hides right behind Filena. Before anyone can find out what's going on...

Filena and Lila are promptly sort-of surrounded by the bandits. Filena could totally kick their asses, but I suppose she doesn't want to cause a scene.

"I'll take the redhead."


Four Black Devils are in hot pursuit. They don't waste any time.

Only prostitutes and blind transvestites can hope to take on a Black Devil and win!

Abel heads off with a small group of bandits. Then...

Considering their track record so far, I'd say you guys aren't putting in the effort!

Men! The enemy who we have no chance of beating is heading right for us! We're going to tactically stand here and do nothing!

Yeah, it's not like Laris and his buddies have been talking about them non-stop or anything.

Spies spend all day blowing up bridges! Everyone knows that!

I kind of like how human the Black Devils are seeming now.

Another Black Devil battle!
Joining us for this battle is Laris. According to his MySpace, his hobbies include chilling (with his dawgs), music and cars. His latest blog entry indicates his mood is rebellious, and he is listening to Gold Digger.
Laris is a bit like a stand-in for Nest, since he comes in with a hammer and the strength to do some damage with it. I hate his sprite, though.

I tried Stealing about 5 times and got nothing. What a disappointment.

This Black Devil loves poisoning you, but thankfully Lila has a skill to immunise you against poison attacks.

Argh, I hate it when bosses recover. Thankfully, though, he only had a few hundred HP left to go.

And after a barrage of attacks, Barabba 8 goes down. Contrary to the screenshots, he actually does take a beating before he dies.

He's still totally fucking useless though.

Come on, guys, you're making bosses like Ultros and Solt and Peppor look good. You're letting the side down!

At least they're good at killing nameless NPCs. vv

Much like how every RPG must have a sewer dungeon, so must you have to spend time messing about with mine carts in caves. Eien no Filena makes up for its unique characters by doggedly adhering to the big Book of RPG Cliches.

In case it missed you, Laris just left a blind person and a prostitute to fight through a monster-infested cave on their own while he walked off with a small platoon of hardened fighters. What a gentleman.

What horrible gimmick awaits us in this dungeon?!