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Eien no Filena

by satsu

Part 15

How kind of Laris to leave us alone in this cave. Let's check out our surroundings!

Free healing!
This is actually fairly handy, because a lot of the monsters in here are utter bastards who love to poison you, so it's worth bringing yourself up a few levels if you find yourself struggling.

Further investigation leads us to this area. Odd...

Oh God, it's one of these.

Let's push it.

Hurrah! It didn't blow up!

I wonder what happens if you select the other option...


Activating the other switch summons this... beach ball.

And much to my disappointment, there were no cool items in the chest. On the bright side, it made these stepping stones appear, so we can make some progress!

Here's the horrible gimmick I mentioned earlier. I feel kind of bad for getting you guys' hopes up.


The treasure wasn't even worth the drop, much less a screenshot.

The free weapon upgrade is pretty though.

And here's where we come out. Well, that's not so bad, but the random encounters are annoying.

Hey, more treasure! I can't wait to see what's inside!

Back to the switches. Let's just solve this stupid puzzle and get back to the plot.

I'll say, you should use numbers and avoid words in your passwords.

Hello, Laris. I'm Filena, and this is my bitch, Lila. No, really. She's my concubine.

I think in a future edit I might change "him" to "the Elder", that looks kinda weird.

Laris is a gentleman as always.

Let's chat to the people around town.

God's already punishing me with this awful music. I don't see how things can get much worse!

I bet she'd fit right in at Weed Town.

Really? Awesome! To the item shop!


Thankfully, the weapon shop is less scrupulous.
Oh look, there's an item called Blunt.

I guess I must have started out in the town with all the lazy Clechia who didn't want to start a group.

Bah, you lot just want to blame the Empire for everything.

I'm a local celebrity already.

Oh God, another named character? I hope he doesn't try to join my party or something.

Devis being the proper name of the Empire, and strangely close to the name of one of my favourite bands. Coincidence? I can only hope.

RPGs always take such a rosy view of alcoholism.

FILENA: Don't believe her lies

Yeah, I did a lot of that in university too.

Ha, I bet you're all horribly inbred. I guess that explains why the women are so small and deformed. Just look at Laris' mum.

Hm... if I were an Elder, I'd probably be chilling in here.

Hello? Anybody home?

His... eyes are open...

To the field of herbs!

Curses! Foiled again!

The hell you have, I've just been all over town.

Oh, please let this be the end of Filena's permablindness.

By the way, we can use the item shop now.

Meanwhile, at the church!

Hm, sounds slightly fishy.

Off to the herb field!


Tuberculosis? I think Filena turned Laris gay.

I think he was upset you just cockblocked him. Or cockblocked Filena. I don't know.


Coming soon: Big trouble in Little Laritenia.
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