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Part 19

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Along the way, we come to a fork in the road. Let's see what's to the left!

Hm, this patch of forest seems suspsicious.


At least the shop works okay, though. And my, what a kinky electric attack-proof selection we've got here. Though perhaps not out of place in this game.

Heading back out again and down the other path, we eventually come to the seaside town of Mon Shuly. If the past is any indication, we're bound to get a warm welcome here.

That fenced-off area looks interesting. Let's see what we can do there!

No ocean cruise for Filena.

Sup Clechia buddy.
I see you're a cheery little chappy.

We live in a civilisation where teleporters and computers are possible but not washing machines? I think the Empire should have worked its priorities out before it conquered the world.

Let's find out a bit more about Mon Shulay in case Lonely Planet ever want to write a guide on it.

Uh, never mind then.

The Man's always keeping Filena down.

You're a bigoted ass... what I'd like to say, but we have to keep things clean for Nintendo.

On the bright side, enduring the vendor's racism means we can buy all this cool new equipment.

If anyone would like to draw Lila equipped with this wonderful range of stuff, I'll love them forever.

Oh, so that's why they wouldn't let me in! Okay, let's get our tickets and go go go!

B, but, I have money...

Way to keep a secret.

And now for non-stop abuse from the good people of Mon Shulay.

Boy, I've gutted Imperial soldiers like fish and killed my own foster grandfather in a coliseum after fighting my way to the top, and I've taken enough shit from the likes of you. Don't make me throw you off the cliffs of Mon Shulay.


Maybe my fellow Clechia will be nicer to me.

Right! Let's go find a paddle so we can go down the well!

Oh hey, the gate is open now.

Great! Maybe we can find a paddle here!

By the way, I really like the lighthouses in this game. I'm not sure why, I just like the music for them and the atmosphere I associate with them.

Ugh, finally. Let's ignore the old man there and check out the balcony.

I suspect this boy has rabies and is hydrophobic. You should see his crazy animation.

Crap, it's spreading.

When the Imperials are bored of abusing Clechia, they like to abuse Mother Nature too.

Okay, let's go talk to the old man now.

Ah, a close sibling to the "No - But you must! - No - But you must!" menu.

:chin101: Weird technology gaps in the Empire to date: Washing machines, sea travel, artificial light

The old man turns around to reveal a huge elevator door hidden behind him.

Awesome! Treasure!

Finally, we can view information about enemies in battle. We may never use this item.

...And this will probably blow up in my face.

You may have also spotted the rope to the right of the screen, but as you can see, there's no obvious way to get to it. This really stumped me when I first played the game, and it has stumped a lot of other people as well.

It turns out the only way is to walk through the walls.
Since playing Energy Breaker, this has become second nature to me though. That game has tons of hidden items.

You don't have to be smart to be a gladiator.

Not a paddle, but it'll do. Let's go.

We leave through the secret staircase...


...This doesn't look like an ordinary well.