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Eien no Filena

by satsu

Part 18

Good news and bad news time.

Good news: I translated all the text for the next large update, which turned out to be slightly more than I expected.

Bad news: I'm totally tired out from work and just want to sleep right now, so here's a short filler update to keep the thread going. On the bright side, all the hard work for the next update (translating) is done now.

When we left Filena and Lila, they had found themselves in a strange house after being knocked unconscious by the mine cart crash...

Sleeping cures all horrible injuries!

That sucks, and also sounds slightly ominous. Sorry, Kindly Old Man. Let's hope that she's achieved her dream of being a dancing nun.

Hey guys, guess where we're going next!

Right, let's wake up the wench so we can be on our way.

Maybe it's just me, but I think every time I've translated people sleeping in games, they're always dreaming about being stuffed with food. It seems like a pretty common cliche.

Uh... thanks.

Oh wait, that's pretty awesome. I hope we're coming to a dungeon with ice-based monsters soon.

And just in case you were wondering since the last update.

Right! Wind at yer backs, lads lasses, and away we go!