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Eien no Filena

by satsu

Part 17

(Link for this update only)

We return to Little Laritenia to find a vague sense of unease around town...

Where's the Elder?!

No you're not, you're in bed!

God, I hope so. I'm sick of having Lila be the leader.

I don't want to start any blasphemous rumours, but I think that God sucks at hiding insurgents.

Abel takes a pretty vv response to having the harvest stolen.

Meanwhile, the general sense of unease also pervades the hideout.

Ah, bless. How cute.

A little while later...

Camping at the top of a mountain? Why, that's a sound strategy! What could possibly go wrong?

With that, Abel leads off a crack force of his fiercest men with the fruitiest hair colours to defend the village.

Oh shit guys guys it's finally happening

Why can't both be true?

The bandit who appeared in the door way is suddenly shoved back out into the next room.

Laris leads the party off to a secret room...

...confounding the Black Devils.

The party end up in yet another cave, and Laris dashes up the path.

Mid-argument, Laris suddenly trips over, right onto Filena!

Laris doesn't know whether or not to be pleased that he just groped a chick who isn't related to him.

We regain control. Let's put that to good use and stick Lila trailing at the end of the party where she belongs.


Since I'm sure that chest must have been bothering some of you.

YouTube link for the thrilling conclusion!!