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Part 21

(This update only)

Hey guys. Some Mondays are Tuesdays too!
Sorry about the delay.

We now return to Tactical Espionage Action: Filena Gear.

The first room of the well dungeon reveals an already-opened treasure chest. I hate these, because it implies that the treasure that actually is there is just a bunch of crap that whoever came by before couldn't even be bothered to take.

And usually, it is.

Like for example, this. You may remember this from the beginning of the game, back when restoring 100 HP was a big deal.

Still, I like this dungeon. It reminds me a bit of the Zelda GameBoy game.

Too bad about the random battles.

And already-taken treasure.

(Hey, this is pretty action-packed for an oldschool RPG.)

Well, that was a small saga of exploration and disappointment. I know I just upgraded all my gear at the shop, but I was holding out for at least one cool item.


There's the bastard who took all the good items!
Hey! You there! Stand and deliver, you cad!

The man leaves, and Filena gives chase.


The man then sneaks out from behind the rock and off to the dock. Filena follows...

Finally, we're inside the gate.


Filena hides in her amicable 16x16 sprite way.

The guards pass, and Filena penetrates the dock's defences.

We head through a brief passage, until finally we arrive at our goal.


More skilful evasion from Filena and Lila!

Guards pour out from the door and onto the ship.

The captain then throws the Clechia man against the wall.

Filena doesn't help ITEM THIEVES.



The next day...

I see Imperial security is tight as ever here.


Right, so we're going to Mine Town then.

Oh. That wasn't too hard to find.

Welcome to Mine Town!

Decision time: I have all the text for Mine Town translated. Do you want to go through it now, or do you want to hold out for a big update?

Funkmistress posted:

Imperials hate the smell of Clechia. They also hate the smell of the sea.

Therefore, Clechia smell like ... the sea?

Hay guyz, isn't Filena the heir to a sea kingdom?

I wonder what that means!

By Jove!
I never made the connection until you pointed that out, and I've been messing with this game for years now.